August 11, 2011

Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Lisa Eldridge can sell me damned near anything. Especially when she makes a video all about using it. I've been curious to try Bioderma's Sensibio H2O makeup remover ever since watching it so when I:
  1. Decided I needed an oil-free makeup remover for morning smudge cleanups
  2. Spotted a cute teeny tiny bottle of it (It's about 50ml I think)
  3. For only HKD38
  4. I pounced!
So how did it work out?

It really is quite interesting actually. It feels EXACTLY like water - no more no less. Micellaire lotions are a French thing, designed to break down makeup and don't require rinsing after. I rinse anyway, habits are hard to shake. But to be honest you don't feel like you need it! Definitely something I'd consider bringing along in a tiny single-use bottle for long plane trips.

No breakouts after using it and I feel that the cotton pads used to apply it do provide some mild exfoliation. 

However it does nothing, not at thing, to budge the Majolica Majorca mascara I use. Still, MM mascaras are famous for their hard-to-budgeability. I have no idea how it works on ordinary waterproof mascaras. Anyone know about that?

I'm still sticking to my cleansing oil routine for nights and at the rate I'm using this in the mornings (one cotton bud at at time) I really doubt I'll be running out of it anytime soon.


Askmewhats said...

Ah re: MJ mascara, so far, regular makeup remover will take TIME to really remove it, like I put the cotton bad on my eye for at least 30 seconds before I start wiping them off! Cleansing oil is still the best for MJ mascaras :D

Annette said...

hard-to-budgeability <-- LOL

Kahani said...

Nikki: Totally. I love my cleansing oil to death.

Annette: *bows*

april said...

I have this too! I must say, cleansing oils are faster and better. I think if you use this, you need to press cotton-soaked Sensibio H20 on your eyes for like, a full minute or two.

Cleansing oil better eh.

Remas said...

hi :) I have this, for the same exact reason, I saw it in Lisa Eldrige videos :D lol ok
when you use it as a normal makeup remover it does nothing, makes you think ''u serious?!'', but, if you do like she did on her makeup-removing video ( cotto pads under eyes and on eyes + leave it for about 4 - 5 mins ) it'll remove Everything, I mean it, even waterproof mascaras, amazing and gentle, its not a miracle that gets the job done in one wipe but its great, hope it helped :