September 07, 2011

Best pocket Tissues - Tempo Petit 4-Ply Handkerchiefs

Yes I really am reviewing tissue paper - but hey, I had to suffer through packet after inferior packet because no one reviews tissue paper. Well now I intend to benefit the world with my hard-earned wisdom. 

If you want tissues that will mop sweaty brows without disintegrating and leaving embarassing nasty white pills all over your face these are it. They really hold together and as they're 4-ply they're so nice and thick I generally only need one sheet after I huff and puff my way up Lan Kwai Fong on the way to work (No, I don't work in a bar!). 

And because they're "petit" packs they're perfect for handbags. These also come in Jasmine, apple cinnamon and menthol - all of them actually smell really good! But I opted for boring neutral as my face tends to break out when in direct contact with fragranced products. 

If you're in sweltering hot Hong Kong, you need these. Trust me. 


  1. This is so uncanny. I just saw these Tempo Petit tissues in Watsons last night and was wondering what's so special since they're just tissues. :P And here's your blog post that popped up in my twitter this morning!

  2. hahaha we have consumer kismet. ;)

  3. goood to see something different ;)
    cute blog xxx

  4. i love these tissues. been using them since i was a kid!