September 11, 2011

Playing with Sleek Makeup's Pout Paints

We were lucky enough to receive several tubes of Sleek Makeup's Pout Paints to play with from the lovely people in London who promote this brand. And play is right, it's genuinely fun mixing and swatching these paint-like tubes.

This is more of a "first take" than a full review as swatching and removing these on my lips would leave them sore. Even on my arm I had to use a cleansing oil to get these off, so my guess is they wear a really really long time.

We were sent two colours, Pin Up (Red) and Peachy Keen (orange) and two mixers Peek-a-bloo (blue) and Cloud 9 (white). Interestingly the release said that the blue shade was to add depth and warmth. Read on for swatches!
(L-R) Red + more white, red +white, white, red, blue, red+blue (vampy!) 
Orange+blue, orange, orange + white, Orange + red, More orange  + red, orange + very little red + very little white
In terms of shades, I'd say the Red - a true red with slight cooler undertones - is a MUST have if you're a red lippy lover. It's interesting that Peachy Keen + Blue = Nude! And finally that my favourite shade aside from straight-up red would probably be the one where I mixed red, orange and white together. 

Tiny amounts go a really really long way as these are super pigmented. I find the formula dries up quite quickly too so there's a limit to how long you can play with these - I'd appreciate it if they'd come up with a clear formula so a sheerer gloss can be created, or to just wet the shades so a longer time can be taken to mix and apply them.

Oh yes and all the paints smell faintly of Redoxen - which is proving to be a strangely popular scent in cosmetics these days. 

I've heard these compared to OCC's Lip Tars and since I have a tube of Lip Tar in Red I'll be doing a direct comparison of them. Even without doing so I can tell you that at under GBP5 each, these are GREAT value for money and any makeup artist would be delighted to stock the full spectrum of these, allowing them to mix just the perfect pigmented shade for photoshoots. 

For everyday use though, I really don't know how convenient these are. They require a brush and considerable concentration to use and as such I think only the Red, which is a high maintenance shade in any formula, would be a practical buy. 

Edit: Just came across this DIY on melting these paints with Vaseline to create your own custom-made tinted lipbalms. Sweet!


kuri said...

looking forward to your comparison with the lip tar!
I'm looking for a red, so maybe this would be a practical purchase for me, but I have a feeling that it wouldn't be quite low-maintenance enough for me right now :)

Kahani said...

Hey Kuri, it depends if you're looking for a day-red or a high-stakes glamour red. I can REALLY recommend this for a glamour red - glossy, long-lasting and a rich rich red. Will have the full review for you next week, promise!

kuri said...

I don't have a glamour red, so it would be nice :)
Look forward to the full review!

Paris B said...

Oh what a coincidence! Also posted about the Paint Pouts today LOL! :D I like the peach you have. The pink is less varied.

Askmewhats said...

wow, I love the mixed version! You can just purchase a few and create various lip colors! I love it!

CY said...

if i were to get only 2 or 3, which ones would you recommend? also, are these only available in Superdrug?

Kahani said...

Paris: Great minds...err and all that. =P

Nikki: It does sound perfect for a makeup artist like you.

CY: Of the shades I received I'd say Pin Up, Peachy Keen and the White. But for absolute versatility I'd swap Peachy (which is quite light) for Lava, a pigmented orange. I suspect mix a smidge of Lava with enough white and a touch of red you can achieve most peachy shades. According to Sleek's website its' only available at Superdrug but you can order it off the site too. Shipping's under GBP3 if you're in the UK and GBP13 if you're not *sobs*.