November 14, 2011

Unexpected delight: L'Erbolario 3 Rosa profuma roll-on gel

I don't like Rose scents (except in fresh roses) as a rule. But I love this one...

Perhaps it's the mix of pink pepper in the fragrance and the fresh green notes they wove in - that make it smell like you're in a rose garden on a frosty bright day.

It's a very ladylike fragrance, but but in anyway old lady. It isn't heady or powdery. It's sweet, fresh, with a rose note and a peppery bite.

It's also inspired by.... Pink. Which is another surprising thing for me, I really don't do pink except in makeup. The name 3 Pinks comes from the use of Cabbage Roses, Hollyhocks and Pink Pepper.

The perfume oil-gel is another revelation. It's not too strong but it lasts and lasts with a quiet endurance - perfect. I rather wish I had the spray too though... so I could spray my clothes and have them smell like it.

L'Erbolario is the Italian verison of L'Occitane and, in my opinion, classier and comes with far more heritage. It's in Malaysia in Bangsar Shopping Centre (I spotted it before I left for HK), so check it out.

This was a gift but the only site retails it at 12 Euros. Worth it I say!


Eli said...

Any idea how it would stand up to layering over other perfumes? I have the L'Occitane rose perfume (I find it lovely grown-up deelish) but my Serge Lutens sample ran out before I had a chance to try layering it. Gack.

Kahani said...

I have no idea Eli, but it might add a clean spicy note to the L'Occitane fragrance - which I find rather heady.