February 01, 2012

Review: Silky Girl Hi-Definition Mascara

"Oh, wow," my sister commented during a night out. "Love your lashes. What are you using? DiorShow?"

"Nope. Silky Girl."

"No $hit. Really?!"

Move over, Maybelline. Silky Girl is becoming my new go-to for budget mascaras. While I have never tried Lash Prism (some of my friends recommend it quite highly though), the other Silky Girl offerings are pretty good too. First there was Double Intense and now, Hi-Definition Mascara.

Hi-Def is great. So great, it has toppled my fave Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara from its top spot. I will always have a soft spot for Full n' Soft but it does have the "Maybelline Effect".

Y' know how all Maybelline mascaras kinda give the same result on eyelashes? Where when you meet a girl with a certain curl to their lashes, you just KNOW that they are using a Maybelline mascara. Now, that's The Maybelline Effect.

Hi-Def doesn't do that. It makes my lashes look natural but better. Prettier. Curlier. Even without using an eyelash curler. And it really opens up your eyes. I love it.

By the way,my sister was right. It does look like I am using DiorShow.

One thing to love is the brush. See how it is skinny towards the bottom and fat and bristly on top? It looks so odd, I was worried that the skinny part would deposit more mascara than the bristly end. Whoever designed this brush got the ergonomics (izzat the right term to use?) down beautifully. The brush deposits just the right amount of mascara while allowing you to get real close to the base of your eyelashes without poking your eyes out. The bristly end is great for touching up hard-to-get lashes at the corner of your eye.

More importantly though, this mascara doesn't smudge, even after a long day of tramping around under the sun. It does flake sometimes but only if it is a brand new tube.

Plus, it isn't a pain to remove.

You wouldn't believe it but this mascara costs RM 18.90. Look out for sales as it drops down to around RM17 - RM15 then.


plue said...

i left silky girl long long time ago, but i guess it's time to check things back :)

thanks for enabling :P

Kahani said...

Dammit, KNEW I should have bought it when I saw it. Ah well, next visit to Msia then. I still love the Double Intense Mascara...

ksuan said...

Aaaand I am going to buy one, stat. Thanks Eli :P

Connie De Alwis said...

That's a funky looking brush! I'm sold! :D SilkyGirl should pay you a commission

100% Jade said...

Maybelline mascaras never works for me. But SilkyGirl works really well, and I tried this on when it first came out, and I was really impressed! It volumize and lengthens my lashes. Oh, and LashPrism is the only mascara I've bought since forever because it works really well.

Eli said...

Its my civic duty to bring good mascaras to the attention of the masses! *grins*