March 14, 2012

Absolute Crap: Natio Eye Makeup Remover Gel

This particular Natio eye makeup remover is an emulsifying gel that leaves the skin feeling moisturised and soft to the touch. Sadly, that is where the good part of this review ends.

Hands down, this is one of the worst eye makeup removers I have ever tried. It can't remove anything: mascara, pencil eyeliners, foundation... I think it does remove powder but then again, even water does that.

Don't waste your AUD13.59 on this! Stick to Neutrogena's eye makeup remover instead.


lyn said...

I think I've tried this a long time ago and you're right, it's rubbish. In fact, most of the stuff I've tried from Natio weren't that great. On the other hand, have you used the pink Biore remover before? It's one of the best drugstore eye makeup removers so far.

Eli said...

The only thing that works from Natio for me is their eye gel. Giant tube which lasts for over a year and feels great in the morning.

Pink Biore remover? I have tried their cleansing oil which broke me out but their bi-phase type, no. Its not available in Australia either. Thanks for the heads up though! Will put it on my To-Try list for the end of the year.