April 04, 2012

Review: Guerlain "Meteorites" Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder

I asked some time back if I should get a MAC Mineralise Skin Finish powder or a Guerlain Meteorites. The majority of you voted for the Meteorites and ParisB's input definitely tipped the scales in its favour, sending the poor MSF off into the unknown.

I opted for the Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder. Goodness knows where I'll be next year so I definitely need something travel-friendly. And look! Isn't the packaging pretty?

The compact is made from light-weight plastic. Some reviews I read take issue with this as they would prefer something that feels a lot more luxe and substantial. After all, this IS Guerlain. However, I feel that this makes its whole lot more travel friendly as it doesn't add much weight to your handbag. I notice that powder foundations tend to be the heaviest thing in my makeup bag so it is nice to carry something light for once!

I bought the darkest shade available, #03 Teint Dore. No swatches as the colour of the powder is such a close match to my skin tone, the camera can't pick up the difference. So if you are an NC32 or use Bobbi Brown 3.5 to 5, this shade is a pretty good bet for you.

Btw, forget about using the little puff which comes with the compact. It is absolute crap and you are better off using a kabuki or stippling brush with this.

The finish is not as glowy as what one would get from the Meteorites Perles version but there is a very subtle glow. In fact, the effect is so subtle, its hard to tell if there's a difference. I notice that this works best with Dr Perricone's No Foundation Foundation, as it really sets off the dewy finish given by Dr Perricone. My skin looks lovely and touchable for the rest of the day.

If you were hoping that this would help with oil control, think again. Sad to say, this powder does not do anything for oil.

I can't remember how much I paid for my Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder but it was either RM 175 or RM 185. It is not an absolute must-have for your makeup collection but it is a nice addition. After all, indulging in a bit of luxe makes a great start to anyone's day.

How many of you have given into the siren call of Guerlain Meteorites?


lyn said...

I have contemplated getting the pressed powder version but have read on a number of blogs (and yours) that oil-control isn't great. I'm currently using the regular Meteorites and Cruel Gardenia, both of which I absolutely love :-)

Paris B said...

2 Meteorites posts in my feed reader today! :D I quite like the powder too. Not for mattifying (I don't need it for that) but it gives a nice polished finished look or is equally good used on its own, sans shimmer. I don't think you regret getting this one over MAC ;)

Eli said...

Lyn: I loved the look of the Cruel Gardenia Meteorites but it didn't look good on my tanned skin. It looked gorgeous on you though.

ParisB: You should hired as the official Guerlain Meteorites ambassador for Malaysia. Is there a way to see how Meteorites sales increased after you blogged about it? :D