August 08, 2012

Loving it: Naked Rescue Repairing Hair Treatment

Skulking around Woolies one day, I came across this giant tub of hair treatment.

"Hmm," I thought, "this looks promising..."

My skin and scalp have been all kinds of crazy this year and decided to rebel against most commercial hair mask treatments. L'Oreal, Sunsilk, Dove... You name it, my skin had a issue with it. I either got rashes or pimples on my scalp. Urgh.

Naked Rescue Hair Treatment caught my eye because: One, it's a Really Big Tub and two, I saw the words "argan oil" displayed prominently in front. You know, that miracle hair oil everyone is talking about. I have never tried it before so I figured that maybe this would be a good place to start.

I tried it out that night as a regular hair mask and fell in love with the results. My hair, which was all dry and wiry from the dry winter air, felt silky and relaxed. A real miracle in my books.

My favourite way of using this (when I have the time) is as an intensive hair treatment. After washing and towel-drying my hair, I take a generous dollop and comb it through my hair ends before covering my head with a shower cap. 15 minutes and a rinse later, voila! I have lovely swishy hair that is soft to the touch. Amazing.

The only downside to this hair treatment is that it takes quite a while to rinse out. There are a lot of oils in it (you can see the ingredient list here) so your hair can feel quite weighed down if you don't take the time to wash it all out. People with fine hair, beware. This may not be the right hair treatment for you.

I can't remember exactly how much this cost but it was around AUD 16 for this huge 400ml tub. Yes, it may be a little pricey compared to other brands but this doesn't give me rashes and it works waaaaay better than other commercial hair treatments that I have tried. I love it and am now on the lookout for other Naked products. Unfortunately, they are a bit hard to find -- I picked this one up from the Woolworths opposite Town Hall.

Has anyone else tried this and loved it?

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Kahani said...

Darn, I was hoping Naturissimo sold Naked products, but they don't. Still, you should check it out Eli, it sells great organic beauty products and has FREE SHIPPING!