December 10, 2012

Fall/Winter Lip: Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Raspberry

While Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten is definitely my favourite Berry lip of all time there was a spate when I had an allergic reaction to something (possibly shellfish) and had peely lips. Now, peely lips and stains do not work well together, so I fell back on this tube of yumminess to keep my lips berry stained and pretty.

I was amazed at how pigmented Korres' Lip Glaze was and how long it lasted. I found that I could lay down a stain by really working it in with a brush, top off with a balm and then touch up during the day to keep it glossy. It will last through a light meal but not a greasy one.
It really is beautifully moisturising and leaves a glossy stain - not lipgloss like mind, more like stained lips with a layer of lip balm over. It works well on bare lips but I found that with my lips in in the sorry condition they were they did need a bit more help with an added layer of lipbalm.

By the way it doesn't smell of raspberry, instead it smells like cocoa butter or fain vanilla - which may be off putting to some but in winter the warm gourmet scent doesn't bother me!

Shade wise it's a really lovely bright red berry (I think it looks warmer than this image - office lights corpsify everyone):

I'm keeping this handy for when my lips want some colour and moisture this winter.

I bought it for about HKD98 on


kuri said...

Ooh, sounds fantastic!
I need to clean out my stash asap...

Beauty Box said...

I've been meaning to try Korres lip glazes! I love their bodycare range and only have one lip butter (stick form) which is surprisingly not overly looks kind of matte but the glaze looks very juicy. Love the colour!

Kahani said...

Kuri: hahah your stash of untouched Korres Lip Glazes?

Beauty Box: It really is quite yummy! Very good for dry lip days. =D

kuri said...

Heh, I wish! I need to make room for a Korres Lip Glaze by using up my glosses :P

Kahani said...

hahaha! Actualyl glosses don't keep very well. I've been sadly retiring quite a few of mine lately.