January 14, 2013

What makes you crave a beauty product?

I seem to have temporarily achieved beauty zen.

Right now, at this moment, I am indifferent to beauty products. While I might restock old favourites that have run out I don’t seem to want to try anything new.

This state of course won’t last because as soon as a new formula is launched promising me what I desire it will all start up again. But it seems that all my beauty needs are temporarily satisfied.

So what whets my appetite for beauty products?

1. Kiss-proof, long-lasting lip colours in ideal shades and formulas
No surprise here my mad desire for lipstains has been documented on this blog for ages as I’ve hunted for the perfect stain in a formula that’s easy to apply, in every shade I could want and at an affordable price point. Well, Revlon’s Balm Stains and L’Oreal Caresse Glosses have completely satisfied this need between them. Unless they launch a new colour that is that elusive shade of perfect pink I'm always looking for - I’m all good in the lip department!

2. Silicone-free skincare and foundations
Happily, my skin has reached a pretty comfortable zenith where the products I’m using are keeping it happy and relatively break-out free. If I breakout, I usually know why, and it’s my fault.
Makeup base: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation, Beauty Blender Sponge (foundation will not work without it), theBalm Time Balm Concealer, ZA 2-Way Whitening Foundation.

3. Long-lasting, smudge proof, easy-to-apply eyeshadow
Cream shadows, once such a dodgy formula, have come a long way in the past year. Available now in great shades (TAUPE!) that go on easily, smoke out beautifully and last all day I find myself casting aside palettes and brushes in favour of these wonderful wonderful things. Also, the affordable options are now absolutely brilliant. I find myself loving Sephora’s Jumbo Waterproof Crayon, Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo and Topshop’s Eye Shadow Crayon in Mystical (review coming).

4. Shades of blush that last, make me look fresh and pretty. 
After awhile you find blushes that suit your mood when you want to be pretty, to be flushed, to be rosy to he fresh or just to warm up the cheeks. I’ve found all that and am absolutely content now. Blushes that I find myself using daily now are: theBalm’s Down Boy, Benefit’s Hervana, Collection2000’s Shimmer Shades Blush (review coming) and theBalm’s Cabana Boy (in winter).

5. Grapefruit!
This weakness was so thoroughly addressed by the lovely beauty blogging ladies (a group we cal Evurl Girls – thanks to the degree of enabling that goes on) that I’m completely satisfied. Just how AWESOME is Fresh’s Hesperides Grapefruit fragranced perfume, lotion and shower gel? Completely and utterly, can’t-stop-sniffing awesome. That’s how much. Reviews coming!

6.  Overall, I always want longer lasting and cheaper
A running theme you may notice is my need for makeup that LASTS. With terribly oily skin many products just melt off or vanish off and I hate that. So I really value makeup options that do the job and stick around. I also really hate being dependent on a pricey product and will keep trying cheaper options until I’m happy. Laura Mercier's oil-free foundation for example, is too pricey for my continued happiness. 

So that’s it from me, what’s your list of reasons for continuing to buy? New colours? Shinier textures? Do share!


AskMeWhats said...

agree on all your points and very important to stress that the product WORKS and you don't have to spend tons of money! That would be the perfect scenario!

beetrice said...

Two thumbs up for grapefruit and all things citrusy! :D Heehee...hopefully it's enough to keep you going for a while - my makeup lemmings have been sated for now...but the damn indie nail polishes are now calling my name. GAAHH!!

Beauty Box said...

I would say the brand, packaging and efficacy of the product makes me want to buy it. It's not enough that it works because I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoy the feel of luxury products. Don't get me wrong - if it is really a great product at an affordable price, I won't look down on it. I'm just answering your question as a beauty junkie who already has a big collection, so I would need many push factors to lust after a product.

Kahani said...

Sorry I've been a bit absent ladies, it's been really hectic for awhile (still is but I seem to have gotten used to it!)

Nikki: Exactly! I hate it when the only product that works is super pricey.

Bee: Oh it is. Am all happy and satisfied. Thanks babe! ;)

Beauty Box: No one is immune to gorgeous packaging. Part of me is appalled by the Laduree blush for example but part of me wants it

Dripbay said...

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