May 18, 2008

Superhero: Anti-Redness Eye Drops

While anti-redness eyedrops can be used to hide the sins of the night before by clearing up those bloodshot eyes, they actually have a few alternative uses that make them a must-have in anyones beauty arsenal. Plus, it's cheap!
(Whassat you say? The pic is misleading? Sorry.. couldn't resist it. =P)

The brand name most commonly heard for anti-redness eyedrops is Visine (US), Eyedew (UK) or Eye-Mo (for Malaysians), but really any eye drop that contains tetrahydrozoline hydrachloride will work. The chemical functions as a vasoconstrictor - reducing the size of the veins in your eyes - thus minimizing redness. So, now you have your eyedrops, here's how it can be used (apart from lubricating your eyes that is).

Hide the blemish
The same chemical that reduces redness in your eyes, can also reduce redness in an irritated blemish. Simply pat the drop onto your skin and wait awhile for it to work. It won't completely eradicate the redness (your skin is a good deal less porous than your eyeball), but it will help reduce the redness and allow you to conceal the blemish more easily.

More intense eyeshadow
You could just use tap-water, but isn't this so much more convenient and hygenic? Simply squeeze a drop onto your brush, and dip it in your eyeshadow (on the side, so you don't spoil all of it), and apply for incredibly intense eye-colour. Applying shadows wet also really brings out any shimmer, metallic effect, or sparklies your eyeshadow may have. This also works fantastically with loose mineral eyeshadows. Plus, the glycerine present in most eyedrops helps to seal the eyshadows in place making them last longer.

Liquid eyeliner
Moisten an eyeliner brush, and dip into loose pigments to create an instant liquid eyeliner. Set the line with translucent powder, or with more of the dry pigment for budge-proof eyeliner that will last and stay in place until you choose to take it off. This has worked brilliantly on my oily skin, but I won't gurantee its staying power if you sweat or get caught in the rain as I haven't tested it yet.

Because I'm recommending the use of this product, I feel a certain degree of responsibility for its use. I'm sure all of you read warning lables, but just in case - do not use this product in your eyes if you use contact lenses. Not even if you put it in before using your lenses. The eye-drops constrict blood vessels, thereby reducing the flow of oxygen to your eye. Contact lenses further reduce the amount of oxygen your eye receives. Using both at the same time could seriously damage your eyesight.

One more thing, just because it isn't red doesn't mean it isn't still infected. Be careful when using eye drops, hydrocortisone cream or any anti-histamine cream to reduce swelling and redness. The blemish may look better, but it's actually still there. You need to keep treating even though the symptoms are gone.

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