August 22, 2008

Drools: The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Goodness collection

Now, Syen is no fan of citrus scents but I am, and I love The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit bodycare range's scent with a passion. Pink Grapefruit is one of those scents that's really hard to nail as often the makers make it too bitter or sour. But The Body Shop's version is absolutely divine.

I usually get compliments when I use the shower gel and body butter, and when the compliments started coming from a rather attractive someone, my love for this range only increased. Of course. *winks*

If you need further incentive to try the range, a survey has apparently proven that men perceive women who smell of pink grapefruit to be up to 6 years younger than they actually are and may potentially arouse men. (REALLY?) I swear all this information w as obtained after I'd already gotten addicted to the scent!

Thus far I've only used the Body Butter and Shower Gel. But this set looks sooo good, I hope they have it here in Malaysia!

Pink Grapefruit Body Butter (£5 - £12)
The lightest of the body butters, this is perfect for normal skin that just needs a little extra TLC. In the humid Malaysian climate it's the only one I can stand to use and the fresh scent provides that extra lift.

I've mentioned before that I carry the small tub around while travelling as I find it gives my frazzled nerves a lift when I smooth it on my hands and arms. I find the scent to linger quite well, especially when layered with the shower gel. I'm keen to give the puree a try though as it's in a convenient pump bottle and promises to be even lighter in texture.

Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel (£2.50 - £6)
I'm on my third bottle of this stuff so that should be testament enough! As a shower gel, it's rich, foamy and has enough slip to use when shaving. It's not drying, and the gel form doesn't cause breakouts on me.

But of course the real reason I use it is the scent. It's a real pick-me-up when I've zombie-lurched into the bathroom for my morning shower. And it always makes me smile. In fact, back in London it used to make all my housemates smile when the scent wafted out of the shower stall. I noticed alot more pink grapefruit scented products around after awhile. *winks*

I truly wish they'd bring back the body mist, or at least package this scent as a fragrance. I'd snap it up in a jiffy! Since my wishing and hoping has resulted in their signature Christmas Cranberry range scent released as a fragrance, there's definitely hope that Pink Grapefruit will be bottled!

Until then, I'm keen to try Marc Jacob's Pink Grapefruit Splash. Has anyone here given it a whiff? How is it? And does anyone know if it can be found in Malaysia?


Janine Falcon . BEAUTYGEEKS said...

One of my FAVES. I hoard this stuff -- in fact, I think I've had a bottle of Pink Grapefruit shower gel still hidden away somewhere. Don't tell my sister though. It's HER fave, too. *grin*

Kahani said...

Lol. I hoarded it to the point that the oldest bottle changed colour and scent. Ahem. Don't do that =P

*hugs sister in pink-grapefruitiness*

Think we can convince TBS to bring back the scented body mist?