December 18, 2008

Feeding my Citrus addiction: St Ives Energizing Citrus Moisturizing Body Wash

In the morning when I reluctantly and groggily crawl from my cozy bed, the only thing that gets me going is a shower. So naturally I lean towards zinging, refreshing, and crisp scents to wake me up. Although my adored The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit answers this desire, it is unfortunately rather pricey what with the economy going down the toilet and all.

So in looking for an alternative, I sniffed my way through every single citrus-scented offering the supermarket shelf had to offer (I kid you not) and plumped for this citrus cocktail. The wash contains extracts of Lime, Grapefruit (yay!), and Tangerine, with a hint of mint to add freshness.

If you're not keen on citrus, don't try this out, but if you're afraid of heady scents this is anything but. In fact I catch myself sniffing the gel directly so I can get my yummy citrus hit. And it IS yummy, delightfully and refreshingly so. The was also contains Eucalyptus oil for healthy skin, and an added scentual kick.

I find the gel to be a really pleasant use. It foams nicely and washes off easily leaving my skin comfortable not dry. As I'm prone to bacne I kept an eye out for problems, but I haven't reacted to it, as I have done with other moisturising washes, and it cleanses well enough that I don't break out from blocked pores either.

The pearly gel also has enough slip for me to shave my legs without a shaving gel. One draw back is I find myself using this up rather fast as it takes quite a bit to work up a satisfying lather. Perhaps the fault lies with my need for bubbles, but I used a lot less of TBS's Grapefruit wash.

Although it's cheaper, it's not quite I would really call an absolute Cheapie at RM16 for 400 ml. Also as I mentioned before, I'm blitzing through the stuff! But the scent is downright addictive for me, and it makes me happy, so chances are I will repurchase.


Par said...

I like using the vanilla one.

Kahani said...

Hi Kay, =) Thanks for dropping by, I think Syen will be interested in the Vanilla scented one!

Syen said...

Kay & Kahani: There's a VANILLA one?? Oooh!

Thanks for letting me know, Kay!


Anonymous said...

The vanilla version gave me bacne. =(

Just checked out the cosmetics at a Ho Chi Minh department store and they have some Korean brands which I have never heard of!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried the Shokubutsu Grapefruit version?
I have a few bottles lying around the house - will give it a go after I finish my current TBS shower gel :)

Anonymous said...

I like this one! In fact, I like all body wash by St Ives, especially the one with the jojoba beads. My brother introduced me to all of the body washes by St Ives, believe it or not. He told me to go get the one with the "joe-joe-bah" beads 'cos it's really good :p

Syen said...

Eli: The vanilla one gave you bacne? Hmm.. but I'm tempted to try it though. It's got VANILLA! =P

YZ: I would believe this question is meant for Kahani? =P She's the one with the grapefruit fetish. Hehe..

Tine: I used to use a body wash by St Ives, the ones with the joe-joe-bah (hehe, so cute) beads. Apricot or something. But that was a while back. Perhaps it's time to take a look at St Ives again. =)

Syen said...

To everyone and anyone: Any idea if the Vanilla one is available in Malaysia? I've never remember seeing (that's one), and the other thing is that I actually went hunting for it today in Guardian, but couldn't find it.


Petra said...

my ex flatmate loved the jojoba apricot one. for the same reason, cheaper than bodyshop but still works.

bad economy is a biatch. i actually succumbed to garnier undereye cream with nivea didn't work, instead of splurging on clarins.

Syen said...

Petra: I might just get the apricot one again if I can't get my grubby paws on the vanilla one. Or I might just get both. Hehe..

I was browsing through TBS yesterday, and shucks, a big bottle of Cherry Blossom body wash cost a whopping RM40 odd. It's really pricey for body wash. =( So I decided to be a good girl and put it back on the shelf. Sighs.

Janine Falcon . BEAUTYGEEKS said...

Thanks for your I'm-an-addict-too comment, Kahani! I linked my post to yours! And I have the bottle right here on my desk beside my laptop for frequent pick-me-ups :-) to make up for the day's lack of sunshine :-(

Seriously -- I have an extra. Would it survive the travel to you from Canada, do you think?

Kahani said...

Janine: Once again, thanks for adding the link and for the insanely generous offer! That is one big bottle to ship. =P

Don't worry about it babes, I'm sure they'll restock.=)