March 31, 2009

Relaxing beauty ritual: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion

I have a new favourite method of removing my makeup. It's not more convenient - in fact it takes longer, and it is only marginally more effective. So why do I do it? Because I find the slow luxurious ritual of massaging this cleansing lotion in and tissuing it off at the end of a long day wonderfully relaxing.

I love doing this while watching a serial I've downloaded at the end of a long day. Also I find my skin stays clearer when I take the time to remove every single scrap of makeup combined with the mild exfoliation the lotion and tissue-ing off provides.

The Lotion
This lightweight lotion comes in a convenient pump bottle. I find it very suited to oily acne-prone skin. It may have a chemical exfoliant like salicylic acid - so it can sting if left on too long. This could also make it unsuitable for dry sensitive skin.

Although this remover has the chops to get light makeup off, I find with longlasting foundations several rounds of application and removal is needed. Two rounds for Clinique Superfit and three rounds for Revlon Colorstay. With two tissues used for every round this is admittedly wasteful and I do feel guilty. So I'm looking out for a more efficient cleanser that will also let me keep my ritual.

Also a separate eye makeup remover is needed as this lotion cannot remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner effectively. Plus it can sting your eye area a little.

I also don't feel comfortable about not washing my face. So I will still give my face a quick wash with a facial cleanser and water.

Because it keeps my skin so clear, and only costs RM22.90 I may buy this again. But not before I try out a few other tissue-off cleansers. After all, I've almost finished this bottle so it must be doing something right!

Update (April 19, 2009): I've upgraded Neutrogena's deep clean cleansing lotion to HG status. In the week I tried other cleansers my skin detriorated slightly - no matter how much I cleansed. Once I went back on the lotion, my skin started improving in clarity and texture within 3 days.


AskMeWhats said...

I have read a lot of raves about this cleansing lotion! Now you got me even more interested :)

PB said...

Coincidentally, I'm looking for a makeup remover lotion instead of using cleansing oils so this is most timely. MUST CHECK OUT NOW! I mean... soon :P

Kahani said...

Nikki: It's not bad for its price, and great for oily blemished skin. =)

Paris: *rotfl* I think even if it's too troublesome, or harsh for everyday - it's good for twice or three times a week. Worth a look =D

Petra said...

i love liquid neutrogena and deep clean (the foaming sort). but since moving on from my teenage years, they have proved too drying.

when i stay over at the bf's i use my ex flatmate's neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser, which is in a blue pump bottle.

the pump is broken. i think i know the asshole who did it.

it smells like toilet cleaner and i hate it. i don't understand why it is lauded so on MUA.

but it is effective on oily nights and after nights out (of wine and cigars) and therefore, it is worth using a couple of times a week. since it is there. but i won't repurchase.

i like himalaya herbals neem cleanser.

prettybeautiful said...

love this cleansing lotion too! cheap and good. and u should wait for sales to get it ;) last time i got mine for rm16 only!!!

Kahani said...

Petra: I'm less a fan of the HH neem cleanser - i feel like it's hard to rinse off and doesn't clean thoroughly. But I have a sneaky feeling that's just me. =P

prettybeautiful: Yes I just saw your review! I'll add a link to your post as soon as I get time. =)

Syen said...

Petra: Oooh.. I'm liking (but not quite loving though) the HH Neem Cleanser too. =)

I did blog about it, in case you haven't read it. =P But the one I really love is the HH cream cleanser. That one's love. =)

Anonymous said...

Can this be found in the United States?

Eli said...

I used the cream cleanser version of this yesterday and had gunk coming out of my pores after I double-cleansed. Very grossly cool though a bit drying. Gonna try it on my back.