June 23, 2009

The Naked-Man Gloss: Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket in Eric

Oh you knew this was coming. It's a fabulous gloss with an equally fabulous undressing man on the top. So of course I got my greedy hands on it as soon as I could.

The makeup mule this time was my colleague and her really amused family who just gor back from the US. At US$19 it's not a cheap gloss which is why I only bought Eric, and not David as well. But hey at least I know there's nothing like this in Malaysia!

I'll admit that what I'm really buying is the packaging. After all, a gloss is a gloss. But the packaging and marketing of this is crass, cheeky and ingenious.

Each guy has a backstory. Here's Eric's:

American born, but schooled abroad, Eric retains many European
sensibilities, including Italian bravado, French table manners, and
German soccer skills. Undress him for a little Spanish fly.

Any wonder why I chose him? Besides the fact that he's a red gloss. Somehow, if I was going to own a gloss as racy as this I knew it had better darned well be red!

The tube itself is large and surprisingly flat. With 8ml of gloss in it though, it contains more than your average gloss. The applicator brush is lovely and there is never any gloss on the applicator's shaft. The design is that good.

Oh and it's printed with pheremone ink. You rub it to activate it - causing all men around you to become instantly attracted to you - crashing cars, dueling for your handkerchief and all that.

Honestly, I've never had the guts to try.

The Gloss

Eric isn't just good looks though. He's really a great gloss. This sheer true (maybe slightly cool) gloss is not overly tacky but still longlasting. It's also very glossy and really gives you a pout in the poutiest sense.

And omg he smells YUM. Like creme brulee. Only not artificial - too sweet vanilla-y creme brulee. This gloss smells warm and baked, with a custard sauce drizzle. Any wonder why I've been craving apple pie, bread and butter pudding, and creme brulee? Mmm...

I don't know if I'll repurchase as it's pricy, not available in Malaysia, and there are so many other men to choose from. But I am really pleased with Eric.

Which guy would you choose?


AskMeWhats said...

ooohlala Eric looks hot on your lips! LOL I like saying that sentence! Its not available here but to be honest, I would get a bit embarrassed pulling this gloss out of my bag :D

Tine said...

Yum yum on Eric ;)

Reminds me on those pens where you can dress and undress a person :P

Kahani said...

Nikki: I'm a cheeky single, not a good married woman, so I don't mind! =P

Tine: Oh yeah! It's very much like that. Only those used to be mostly girls. Hah! Turnabout is fair play!

Eli said...

Aha! You finally got your itchy fingers on him. But aren't you supposed to get a rear view as well?

Kahani said...

LOL yes there's a rear view, but his ass is mine. =P

Click the Eric link to see it babe.

LyNn said...

me like eric the most too!
but shade wise, i think its too red for me.
julio is super cute too.
if i were to choose between julio and eric, i'd go for julio!
colour is more subtle :P
smart advert thou

Connie De Alwis said...

I want Julio and Kirk! I'm waiting for UD to go on sale :p Eric looks FAB on you! I love how he smells. hohoho