July 02, 2010

Bangkok Haul!

Hey lovelies,

Was away to Bangkok for work for most of last week, and I decided to extend (only) a day to shop. Of course.

After all, it was my first time to the glorious shopping haven, and from what I hear, no trip to Bangkok would be deemed complete without hitting the markets and the malls!

Due the lack of time though, I didn't manage to shop all that much, but I'm still quite happy with what I did manage to haul home. Starting with this!

From Siam Centre, Platinum Mall and Suan Lum Night Bazaar: 2 belts, 2 pashminas, 2 A-line skirts which I'll be using for work. My work doesn't require me to be all prim, proper and formal, so these skirts are great. This cut just flatters my figure so well, love 'em! The brown one on the right, in particular.

From Suan Lum: Fell quite in love with this silk bathrobe. And for only RM35, oh what the heck. =P

From Boots and Watson's: Of course, I still had to make my rounds in Watson's and Boots. Got back-up for my fave Nivea Pink Grapefruit and had to try the Pomegranate one (no thanks to Bee). Also picked up Boots Coconut & Almond Shower Cream, and Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Bath Cream. And no thanks to Kahani, I also picked up a tube of Boots Caribbean Cocktail Aruba Dream Hand & Nail Cream.

From MBK: And finally, my proudest purchase of all. It seems that Kahani is frighteningly influential. A few weeks after I go hunting for a leather satchel in dark vintage brown for her, I end up getting one myself! This beauty is a Mulberry wannabe, but the leather is soft and the colour is such a rich brown, I just couldn't resist. It wasn't cheap at RM210, but it's leather, so I'll say it's justified.

And now on to a little advice/warning to those of you who might be heading there to shop.

Please be aware of pick-pockets and snatch-thieves, even while you're on a moving tuk-tuk. I should know. My handbag was snatched from my lap while I was in a tuk-tuk. Everything happened so fast, and all I could see was 2 guys on a motorcycle riding on, with my (brand new Charles & Keith) handbag halfway out the tuk-tuk already.

I'm not entirely sure whether slinging the strap across my shoulder would have been a good idea or not, because I later heard that people have been dragged out of the tuk-tuk and have been injured.

Physically I was not hurt, thankfully. But my passport and many of my personal belongings were in the bag, so it was a real hassle to make sure I would still be able to catch my flight back to KL the next morning. But I was really, really fortunate and grateful that I had friends who made sure I did.

Please don't get me wrong. I still am quite in love with Bangkok, and would really love to head back there sometime. And from the incident, I've met some of the kindest people I know, and they're all Thais. But as with anywhere else when you're travelling, it doesn't hurt to err on the side of caution.

With that said, Shop Happy!


rinnah said...

Oh dear! I heard a bit about the snatch theft from Kahani over the weekend and am very glad that you're safe. *hugs*

AskMeWhats said...

Oh my! That's not a good experience to have your whole bag snatched with your passports and everything! But glad nothing bad happened to you!!!! Thanks for the warning! I've been holding my bag like my dear life when I was there!

Jenn said...

Oh dear!! My heart almost stopped when i read about the robbery!! I'm so sorry that it happened to you!! But yeah, am glad nothing happened to you!! I've been there for like 5 times already but have never encountered anything like this... thanks for the reminder that i should never be too complacent - I'll be careful next time!!

You'll LOVE the Boots hand cream!! I got these as gifts for my colleagues, and all of them bought backups already!! Haha!! :D

And dontcha love Suan Lum?? :D Their stuff are abit more expensive than other markets, but what you get is more exclusive! Your bath robe is super pretty!! :)

ksuan said...

Oh Syen :( So sorry to hear that you went through that. I hope that you managed to get all your documents, cards etc cancelled and get new ones made quick! Glad to see you managed a truly impressive haul from Bangkok all the same :) Please write a review on the Boots goodies when you can!

PS: What assignment were you on? :)
PPS: I've just said goodbye to the paper we both work at, I was offered a job in Singapore - am really sad to leave the paper, but a new experience awaits!

Syen said...

Heya girls,

Thanks for the well-wishes, and yes, I am just grateful that I wasn't physically harmed.

As for the shopping spree, I would have been able to buy more if I hadn't been such a stickler for bargains! I walked away from quite a few purchases because they wouldn't budge from their prices. So based on principle, I just refused to buy from them. LOL.

Ksuan: It was a short study visit. Glad you're headed towards greener pastures. Will you email me with your true identity already? =P

ksuan said...

Hahaha, noted! Check your gmail ;)

Connie De Alwis said...

oh dear. so sorry to hear about the incident! Thankfully you were not hurt. I'll need to warn Andrew as he'll be heading to bangkok end of this month.

Jessying said...

nice haul you have there.. thank god you are not hurt..Actually I dont really like tuk tuk, not only its dangerous but also dirty (feeling my face is slapped with 1000x kinds of germs & dusts) Therefore I always opt for Taxi when I am there.

So excited going to be there in 2 weeks plus time!! Thank you for the reminder, I shall be careful with my bagss