July 29, 2010

Loving Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Strawberry Icing

Cosmetic companies like Sally Hansen really should learn the art of the undersell. I mean, come on, when you name your nail polish "Hard as nails Xtreme Wear" and it's just not XTREMELY WEARING, your customer gets disappointed and completely forgets the fact that she loves the colour.

My first go around with this range was like this. I loved a shade called Almond Gold but it chipped in about 5 days. Which honestly, is about par for the course when you buy RM18 nailpolish, but with a name like that you expect to have to sandpaper the stuff off! Still I'm glad I gave it another go-around because I love Strawberry Icing.
Now if you prefer opaque polishes, this isn't for you. But I love sheer pink polishes that give nails a natural-with-oomph look. That this shade comes with sparkles just makes it all the more fun for me. And it's SO EASY. One coat, and I get a sheer natural layer. Then I apply a quick dry top coat and in 20 mins flat I'm good to go. Who cares about repainting every five days or so when it's this easy? 


AskMeWhats said...

the quick dry factor is really great!!! The shade is a bit sheer though but its so dainty

plue said...

totally love the colour on you my dear! it's so dainty and sweet :P

rinnah said...

When I see posts like this, I'm feel like painting my nails... then when I get home, absolutely no motivation to do more than seek my bed. :P

~Lisa said...

What a cute colour!


xin said...

the color looks really great on your dainty fingers :P

Kahani said...

Nikki: Only opt for it if you like sheer, I do. =D One coat is definitely quick dry. Two coats may take longer.

Plue & Xin: Wah must have lunch with you ladies more often. You're so nice to my fingers and I now. *sniffles*

Rinnah: Hahaha! I totally understand. But next time you sit down to watch a show tote some nailpolish along. I find it therapeutic.

Lisa: it is!

Aiulura said...

What a pretty color! I'll have to see if I can find it next time I go buy nail polish.

I've used that brand before, but a different color. Not bad for being cheap. :)