March 16, 2011

Yeah, That Muddy Blue Eyeshadow Combo Looks Great on You: Worst Makeovers You've Seen/ Experienced

Lord, forgive me for I am about to sin. It's the season of Lent and here I am writing about something which most of you have a story worth telling.

Makeovers. Really bad ones.

I am talking about that badly done purple smoky eye which made you look like a domestic abuse victim. That heavily applied bright pink blush which made you look like Bozo the Clown. The pale foundation which made you look like a Chinese opera singer. And for heavens sake, when will some makeup artists realise that not everyone can wear pink lips?

The office makeover where the MUA decided that a green smoky eye paired with a bright pink blush would make a great office look. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw my face.

There's also the wedding you attended where the bride wore bright orange eyeshadow and looked absolutely miserable because she knew that the makeup artist messed up big time.

Share your horror stories!


Paris B said...

Went for a makeover with MAC. I ended up with orange foundation 3 shades too dark for me, orange blush, purple eyeshadow that made me look like I was an abuse victim, black brows, pale lipstick.

I just wanted a makeover. Not Halloween makeup.

plue said...

second Paris :) had my sgare of horrible foundation match from MAC and they call themselves MUA. beats me.

where did they get their certs anyway?

Unknown said...

My friend got free makeover from Shu Eumura (was it? lol, couldn't remember).. I thought it was going to be good (since..well, I have a good feeling about the brand itself). There was nothing really horrifying (because my friend asked for a neutral look) but the MUA still managed to mess up her face..XD I had no idea about makeup back then but I can tell I wouldn't want to be catch alive looking like that..=_=

ksuan said...

Yves Rocher, Paris, 2008.

I was looking for a mascara and the saleslady decided to take things many steps further by plonking me on a stool and making me over.

Three inches of too-dark foundation, five layers of mascara, too much black eyeliner, way too much blush and clown-red lipstick later, I ran out of the store, into the train, back home, and scrubbed at my face under warm water for what felt like eternity.

I could have sworn that my skin (and self-esteem) was singing praises of freedom afterward.

Syen said...

Two incidents:

1. When I was NINE and performing in a school play or concert or something like that. My mom had given my a light makeover, which made me feel like a princess. My teacher in school didn't think it was enough, so she dragged me over, and piled it on. Blue eyeshadows, bright pink cheeks, an ugly shade of lipstick, AND she decided I needed a sexy mole on my cheek. I hated it so much, I burst out crying and ruined all of the makeup. Ugh.

2. When I had to read news for work. Foundation was way too dark, too much mascara, too much contouring, too much everything. Oh, and BLACK eyebrows. I looked like a nightmare. Ugh.

Kahani said...

1. When I was maid of honour for best-friend Mary, the Makeup Artist her inlaws hired for the second wedding in her hometown was dreadful. ONE shade of foundation - pink & white. When we protested it didn't match her neck or arms, the MUA cheerfully said she'd be covering all that up too. The most expensive brand she had in her case was Maybelline. OLD grubby Maybelline. Lucky for Mary, her maid of honour runs a beauty blog and brought makeup to spare.

2. Was made over by a jealous gay dude once. Not pretty. Think drag queen meets Malefescent.

Snow falling said...

1. I had a makeover by laura mercier, in the end foundation shade was too light. Went back home looking like an opera singer. I never trust the MUAs, they love giving me a shade or 2 too light, and the most recent is Lancome!

2.A MUA gave my friend 2 black spots on her eyes for her wedding day! you can imagine 2 black circles on the outer halves of her eyes! And she said it was ok!!! until we made the MUA blend it out, STILL the black spots were pretty obvious!

p.s: Kahani, i think we know the same Mary! haha

Eli said...

Syen's story reminded me of another incident in 1999. The cheerleading team captain thought it would be a great idea to plaster a thick layer of dark blue eyeshadow around our eyes. Not on the eyelids, but around the whole damned eye. We looked like a cross between an abuse victim and a blue-rimmed racoon.