November 28, 2011

Beauty Blender sponge - a lifesaver for non-silicone foundation users

Sorry ladies, I know I haven't been posting much lately,but it's been an exceptionally busy time. If I'm not travelling, I'm hosting someone. Right now actually Syen's staying with me. Whee! It's all been fun but has left me little time or energy for posting.

Still I was so thrilled about this wee pink egg that I had to share!

Reading reviews online I was never quite convinced that the Beauty Blender Sponge was that much better than a regular damp sponge. While some ladies gave it rave reviews, others said they preferred their buffing brushes to it (more on that later). Also, it wasn't available in Asia.

When I spotted this in the Sasa outlet on D'Aguilar St, Central for HKD170 (ouch yes I know, but it retails for USD19.90 so the price is fair) I bought it and gave it a go... also gave it death threats all the way home should it fail to perform. Good thing for its hot pink skin that it did!

Now you all know about my move towards silicone-free foundation. My skin has never regretted it, but my makeup finish has! Silicone-free foundies are a challenge to blend and while I found methods that worked, more or less, they just weren't perfect.

Then came the Beauty Blender. When used with Bourjois' Bio-Detox foundation it's like a magic pink eraser. Blemishes disappear (except the really exceptionally BIG blemishes which in turn require concealer) and all you're left with is this natural finish that doesn't look like you're wearing foundation at all. Even better, it lets you layer the foundation for higher coverage, STILL looking natural. Trying this any other way makes it all ball up and go horribly wrong.

I was a convert from the first try.

I've used it for over a month now actually (just to see if I changed my mind). I took it with me to Italy, to Beijing, to Shanghai... I'm basically not budging without it.

I clean it with Daiso's Sponge Cleanser or J&J Head to Toe and it seems perfectly happy - just a little stained, which is why I'm using a stock pic.

Some usage tips:
1. I mix my thick clay infused foundation with some DDMG before using it - that helps it blend swifter with a sheerer finish.
2. I don't dip the sponge in the foundation - it does suck up a lot. Instead I use my finger and spread it lightly over my skin before blending it out with the sponge.
3. It travels in a zip lock bag. So far, so good.

I've just trialed Sonia Kashuk's Syntehtic Multipurpose Flat Top brush today and it's worked pretty well - almost as good as the sponge as the finish is a little heavier. I'm planning on sticking with the sponge for home but may use the brush for travel since it's more convenient on the go. Still, if you have a thick or difficult foundation to blend you have GOT to give this sponge a go!


Annette said...

Great review! I need to ask a noob question though, what's DDMG?

Syen said...

Muahaha.. Yes, I am keeping Kahani busy.

Annette: It's Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. =P

Kahani said...

Sorry Annette! Thanks for reminding me not to live in Beauty Blogger land. =P

AskMeWhats said...

LOL! I laughed Kahani at your Beauty Blogger Land "comment" I guess I'm the same! I tend to live there and forget about the outside world! :)

Thanks for the review, I own 2 of these and I prefer this for personal use :)

Kahani said...

Nikki: heheh it comes from hanging out with too many Beauty Bloggers! We seem to be evolving our own language. =P