August 13, 2012

Silicone free wonder: theBalm's Time balm concealer

Is it possible to feel guiltily obligated to your makeup? Deeply and sincerely guilty that you haven't shouted how much you love them to the four winds?

Well this one's been weighing on my mind. 

I love and cannot live without this concealer, yet I've never reviewed it. Why?

Perhaps it's because I keep cheating on it, hoping I'll find a better one. But I never have. 

Maybe it's because I've only just recently, after two years of using it, found my perfect shade (Light-Medium). I've been using Light all along and it's never been just right. 

But make no mistake I love this. I use it on my blemishes, under my eyes,  over liquid foundation and alone under powder for light days. 

It saved my sanity when I left my makeup bag (with my foundation in it) behind on a trip to Shanghai. As a solid concealer it is all shades of awesome for travel. 

I have a two shades of this in my dresser and one tub in my makeup bag so I'm never EVER without it. 

While not completely opaque, think of it as a heavy-medium coverage concealer, paired with a domed concealer brush it airbrushes my flaws away effortlessly. With a regular brush or fingers though it can be cakey. 

It does fade a little as the day goes on but not badly. It never ever breaks me out but I suspect it may clog me up if I don't cleanse thoroughly and scrub at least once a week - but that's a fair price to pay. 

It's also silicone free. And a tub will last you YEARS. 

The shade Light-Medium matches me perfectly, but is a complete b*tch to find, and the shade Light is great for under-eyes. 

It's also inexpensive at around RM65 (I think, i keep buying these on sale) and next time I find Light-Medium I'm stocking up like no tomorrow. 

I think this is a HG concealer for my oily, acne-prone skin and I hope it finds it in its heart to forgive me for taking so long to tell everyone how great it is. 

Because it is, pretty freaking awesome. 


kuri said...

I should try with a domed concealer brush! As you mentioned, I find it cake-y when using my fingers.

AskMeWhats said...

wow, I'm starting to get intrigued with The Balm products!!! The first The Balm product was a blush! A gift from special someone *winks*

Kahani said...

@kuri Sigma has a really nice one! Askmewhats has a great review on it on her site. =)

Nikki: Hehehe they are good stuff. This for me is the best silicone-free concealer I've been able to find!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. is having sale now for theBalm products. timebalm concealer is only at rm27! stumbled upon your blog when im searching for reviews for this product.

Kahani said...

Thanks V-ague! =D