October 15, 2012

Going nuts for Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

Well what would you expect really? I love Lip Stains, I adore tinted lip balms and they've gone and combined the two into my ULTIMATE lippie - complete with the crayon format that Clinique made us all covet with their Chubby Sticks. And to cap it all off... they're mint flavoured. It's like they made it from my personal lipstick wish list!

Revlon has really been knocking it out of the park lately with their Lip Butters and now this!

As you can see I hauled quite a few. I spotted these online before they were available in Hong Kong and immediately ordered two (Cherish and Smitten) on eBay. Then, they launched in Hong Kong at a discounted price of HKD75 (Down from HKD98) so I hauled three more! If the other shades hadn't been so unappealing to me I'd probably have bought every colour they had. 

So here's the general overview

I love them because...
  • They go on like a balm, stay like a stain
  • Once the sheer glossy layer has worn off they're kiss proof
  • And can last through most meals with only slight fading. 
  • Are pretty darned pigmented yet still sheer
  • They are lightly minty
  • And can be toted around throughout the day for touchups
  • Also, unlike most stains, they can be used OVER lip balm instead of only on clean lips.

But you should be aware that...
  • They oxidise brighter with time, often pinker or redder
  • They may go on like dryer balms but they aren't moisturising enough on their own
  • Shades available lean towards bright and bold rather than subtle

Shade breakdown

(L_R) Romantic, Smitten, Lovesick, Cherish, Honey
The only shade I haven't worn all day. It's a warm strawberry red that goes on sheer but I believe can turn pretty bright.

A gorgeous bright berry, it starts out looking more like Lovesick but turns redder and more of a deep berry when it settles in. I can see this becoming my go-to-colour for fall and winter when the light turns cold and I crave deep rich berries on cheeks and lips. This is also one of the longest wearing shades.

Fuschia pink! When I want a bright but not show stopping lip I apply lightly and sparingly and blend in with my finger. It goes on sheer and gets brighter when it settles in. Awesome paired with a light barely-there pink bush and eyes with nothing but a sweep of mascara. Summery, spring-y and fun. 

At first swipe it's a pale, sickly cool pink. Fortunately when rubbed in, it warms up and turns a deeper shade of pink. Give it enough time and by the end of the day it looks amazingly like Lovesick. I tend to avoid topping this up, just blending with my finger and applying clear balm for a light pink lip that at some stages resembles Posietint. 

The most natural shade of the bunch and the most coveted. I've been trying to stock up and to buy for friends but it's sold out everywhere! It's a natural brownie pink that oxidises a little redder so I don't look like I time-travelled from the 90s. I love this, it's hard to find natural shades with Lip Stains so if you see this grab it! It's a great everyday shade but I've also paired it with a smokey eye for a polished evening look.


kuri said...

I didn't know that they get oxidize brighter with time. That means I should definitely start with Honey, as my lips are already pretty pigmented.

Kahani said...

Good plan! But the bright shades are bright to begin with so hey statement lip gets statement-ier =D

beetrice said...

WANTS!! If they don't launch in SG or MY by the end of this year, can I get you to bring back Romantic and Honey for me?? *pretty pleeaaassseeeeeee* :P

AskMeWhats said...

Oooh I love these! You're right, they aren't moisturizing enough to be used on their own but I love the pigmentation on those darker shades!

dom said...

man, when are these coming to KL? it's like a cheapie chubby stick!

Kahani said...

@dom but not really. Because these aren't that moisturising and are really pigmented.

Anonymous said...


O was looking to get this in Smitten shade. Where did you see these for HKD75? I think these are still HKD98 in some stores I looked.

Kahani said...

Hi Anon,

Sorry but it debuted at a promotional price and is now HKD98. Wait for a sale!

Anonymous said...

oh ok :(
Will wait for a sale. Although I'm new to HK, wondering how to get to know of sales here? Any website or feed which can notify us about upcoming or ongoing sales?

Thanks a bunch!

Kahani said...

Not really I'm afraid. You walk past about 20 mannings and watsons here everyday though. So just peek in. =)