April 03, 2013

Korean-style Skincare Basics

My friends and I have realised that most Korean and Japanese women really do have gorgeous skin and great makeup skills. I felt like the Ugliest Duckling in the country when I visited Korea and Japan – well, at least I had my sister with me in Seoul so Ugly here had company.

I was curled up with in bed last week with the flu when I decided to embark on a virtual quest of the Great Korean Skincare Secret. Most of the results on Google repeated the same old stuff we already know: Koreans are big on sunscreen, love their masks and have access to what seems like an unlimited choice of skincare products. Throw a rock in Seoul and it will probably hit a cosmetic outlet.  

I did find a few snippets of a Korean beauty talk show called “Get It Beauty” on Youtube. They are subtitled in English, thank goodness, and I did find some interesting things to take away from the videos they had on taking care of dry skin.

Here’s a quick roundup if you can’t be bothered watching the videos:

Dry Skin
  1. Use cleansing oil specially formulated for dry skin. I would personally take this recommendation with a pinch of salt as I find some cleansing oils really harsh.
  2. Use your pinkies to massage the cleansing oil in circles.
  3. Add water to emulsify the cleansing oil and continue rolling with your pinkies. Think of it as a three-step cleansing process: Cleansing with oil, followed by oil + water before finally rinsing everything off thoroughly. Don’t use a foaming cleanser as it would only dry your skin
  4. Don’t use a towel as it will only dry your skin. Instead, pat remaining water into the skin and spritz on an oil-based mist, whatever that is.
  5. Use a gel-type moisturiser followed with a light layer of moisturising cream. The oil in the heavier cream will seal in the moisture provided by the gel moisturiser.
  6. Mix foundation with moisturiser to keep your skin from drying and avoid emphasising dry areas on your face.
  7. Use a brush for makeup application.
  8. Finish off with a moisturising mist.

Oily Skin
  1. Similar to dry skin, use an oil-cleanser for oily skin.
  2. Instead of using her pinkies, the girl was given a pore brush to use. 
  3. Wash off in stages as per step 3 for dry skin.
  4. Use a gel-type moisturiser.
  5. Apply pore primer where needed.
  6. Use a damp sponge to apply foundation
  7. Mist with a matte finish mist.
I personally found the video for dry skin a lot more interesting than the one for oily skin. I would have never thought of using my pinkies to cleanse my skin. And, trying to remember that your skin should be treated like peeled boiled egg has helped me reduce pressure I use when washing my face.

Cleaning with your pinkies is really, really tiring though.

As for the pore brush used by the girl with oily skin, I have personally never seen one of those before. It looks completely different from the facial brushes we get from The Body Shop. You know, the one made of plastic and kinda looks like a mini toilet-brush. The one in the video looks like a mini flat-top brush to me. Any ideas, readers?

The videos are down below if you want to take a look. Check them out!

Cleansing for Dry Skin

Cleansing for Oily Skin

Moisturising and Makeup for Dry Skin

Moisturising and Makeup for Oily Skin


sel said...

Found your blog by accident. The brush for cleansing with oily skin is probably Missha Pore Cleansing Brush. Am over at effortbehindthegirl.blogspot.com.

Kahani said...

I've been using the Konjac sponge it seems to be doing everything that little brush promises too! Love it. =D

Unknown said...

I know their make up skill are great but the weather in korea also have a great factor why their skin is looking gorgeous. Korea is one of asian countries on top of selling helse produkter.

Audrey said...

I have really dry skin, so this is good information for me. I get dry flaky patches on my forehead and across my nose, sometimes my eyelids.

Lindsie said...

Thanks for the links to the video. I was in Seoul briefly in 2008. Yea, I was shocked at how so many of their ladies have flawless skin as well. Spent so much time at their cosmetic stores...really low prices with some very good products too

Sally said...

loving the video. Thanks for sharing it hun. x

Petra said...

What the heck?! - Ugly Sister

Maylee said...

I can't understand why average-looking girls call themselves ugly. It's so awkward.

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