April 27, 2008

Blush blush baby!

The new Silk Naturals website is up and running! Plus, Karen has released the first part of her new collection. The star of this release is undoubtedly the gorgeous mineral blushes - all lovely dupes of famous and beloved blushes by Mac, Bobbi Brown, and Nars.

At only US$6.25 a pop, these cloned babies are considerably more affordable than the originals. And as an added bonus, these blushes are mineral and almost all natural (they contain certain dyes).

If you're a real blush fanatic, take a moment to gaze at the image and make a guess as to the names of the more famous versions of these shades. Answers and descriptions after the jump.
  1. Babydoll (Mac Dollymix) - A cute innocent shimmery pink for that "dolly" look.
  2. Carnal (Nars Sin) - A sophisticated deep plum shimmery blush.
  3. Forbidden (Nars Outlaw) - An earthy, apple red tone with a nice little golden glow
  4. Lovelace (Nars Deepthroat) - A medium shimmery peachy pink color with just a hint of gold hightlight. Also described as a warmer, more pigmented version of Climax (clone of Nars Orgasm, with a hint of plum).
  5. Pretty Plum (Mac Breath of Plum) - A matte sheer blush that has a lovely rosey plum tone, for days when you don't feel like pink.
  6. Tart (Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pink) - A burst of bright berry color that looks frighteningly bright in the pot, but is described as flattering when used lightly. For those too faint at heart (or too fair) to dare this, Karen has thoughtfully provided Tart Light - a less pigmented version.
I plan to go crazy and order samples of ALL six blushes (at £1.75 each, how can I resist) - which I'll review when they arrive. Unfortunately I'm too poor to afford their more expensive counterparts, and so will not be able to compare them side by side. I do however, plan to order Climax and compare it to Nars Orgasm (which I do own).

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