April 24, 2008

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara

It is a sad, sad fact that I have teenie tiny eyes, and - for all you can see - no eyelashes. Oh they're there, but they're so short, sparse and invisible they may as well not be!

In an attempt to gain enough eye definition to look as if I HAVE eyes, I use black black eyeliner, curl my lashes, and lash on the mascara. And then maybe, maybe I look normal.

This lovely mascara by Bourjois however, goes above and beyond the call of duty. Not only does it make my lashes visible, it plumps them up and lengthens them so that they look like lashes with mascara! And if layered on lavishly it can achieve amazing things. However, as this formula is not waterproof I tend not to push it.

The mascara is longlasting, locking my curler's good work in place, and relatively smudgeproof. However, it won't stand up to an eye-rub, or one of the "delightful" April showers London so lovingly provides. I like that this formula is not waterproof - it makes daily use and removal much easier and it's also better for the lashes. But I do wish that Bourjois will churn out a waterproof version for party nights!

The brush is a bit big and does clump at the end. But that's easily rectified by brushing the tip against the tube's mouth. Packaging wise, I love the mascara's sexy, curvy and posh tube.

The masacra retails at Superdrug for £7.25. Watch out for offers and gift sets though as this baby is often featured.

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