April 10, 2008

First Blush

All of us start somewhere on our journey to becoming makeup addicts. Maybe it started with the first lipstick your mom gave to you as a little girl, or maybe it was that first mascara that gave you full lashes.

For me, my journey with makeup started with one of this and one of that. But I clearly remember that day (sometime years ago) when Kahani gave me my First Blush - L'Oreal's Blush Delicieux MAT in True Rose.

This was way before I got started on MAC and Cargo and Smashbox.

True Rose is a little pink and just a little peach. It gives your cheeks a lovely flush, like you've just been out on a long good walk. It has very tiny shimmer particles, but it doesn't really look obvious on. But be warned though, layer on too much and it can give you clown-like cheeks.

It's the blush I go running to everytime I'm running late. And it's the blush that got me started on my blush crush - I now have almost 20 and am still on the hunt for fantastic blushes.

What was your first blush?


petra said...

i am a year late responding to your post.

this was my first blush and eyeshadow palette. recommended for makeup dummies like me.

(i just found out the bodyshop brush i have been using is actually for foundation. no wonder i look like a monkey with SN forbidden blush. am tempted to kick the girl who told me to get it.)

bodyshop shimmer waves: http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/bodyshop/browse/product_detail.jsp?categoryId=cat4750005&productId=prod4320013

Syen said...

Petra: Oooh.. Finally a reply to my first post! =D

And yes, the TBS shimmer waves in Peach was the first shimmer powder I had too! Still love it.

And yes, go look for that monkey and give her a kick. Silly SA.

Shuu said...

Woohoo I was running through PB's old post and came across this ^_^ Like Petra, I'm actually more than a year late =P. My first blush was from Shu Uemura Glow On P Pink 30. Pink with slight shimmer, I totally love it to bits and now I'm halfway finishing it after almost a year using it. Gotta use it alternatively with my growing blush collection lol

Petra: tsk, how could the SA recommend foundation brush for blush? -_-; Nonetheless, I like TBS brush =)