April 10, 2008

Superhero product: Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash

What makes a product a "Superhero"? To qualify as "my hero", it must:

1. Have multiple superpowers
2. Able to come to the rescue in times of need
3. Look good, smell good, feel good.
4. Be available and affordable (sorry no superhero analogy there).

Johnson's Head-To-Toe Baby Wash meets all the above and more. A discovery I'd never have made without the lovely and resourceful ladies at Makeupalley (MUA), this miracle product is a must-have staple with me in all my globe-trotting adventures.

To discover its superpowers

Multiple Superpowers
This baby certainly has super product power! It is my holy-grail (MUA speak for the product that will end the search for perfection) daily facial cleanser. Rubbed onto a dry face it dislodges all but the most stubborn of waterproof mascara and eye liner. A second wash (I subscribe to the two-step cleanse regimen) cleans up the last traces of makeup leaving my oily skin squeaky clean. It is also part of the daily routine that has solved my acne problem (will post more on that later).

The wash also functions as a weekly clarifying shampoo, shaving gel, makeup brush cleaner, and (of course) a body cleansing gel - eliminating the need for many expensive products. Of all the above functions, I only stray from it as a body wash because I do so love my bath-time indulgences.

To the rescue
This product is also my saviour when I travel. Its multiple uses enable me to get past those pesky liquid travel restrictions, even in the incredibly strict UK airports. As a believer in the one-bag travel rule that enables me to by-pass luggage check-in (saving me time, and money) any product that helps me save luggage space is certainly, my hero.

When hopping across Europe, I have also used the detergent to hand-wash laundry and as a bubble bath.

Look good, smell good, feel good
Okay I'll grant that it's not the prettiest of products, but it isn't that embarassing either. And it certainly smells good! It has a light fresh scent with warm undertones that remind me of chocolate apricots. And as a cleanser and shaving gel it feels good going on and leaves skin clean without residue or dryness.

Available and Affordable
More of a problem than you'd realise unless you move countries every few months is finding the same product in the same formula. Johnson's is an international brand that should be available almost everywhere (although in Scandinavia, it's known as "Natusan") and in the exact same loveable formula. And of course, it's affordable... even in pricey England. I bought 2 large bottles (with the pump) for under £3 at Boots thanks to a BOGOF (Buy One, Get One Free) deal.


petra said...

Emily, do you have any recommendations as to how to pick a shower wash that doubles up as a shampoo? (I am assuming clarifying means squeaky clean? =P)

When I ran out of shampoo last week Dove body wash just sucked as a shampoo. I had to wash over twice and some parts of my hair felt dry, others slightly greasy.

My hair has bipolar.

Kahani said...

Petra: Have you given this shower wash a try? Actually Clarifying doesn't mean drying - it means it has no Silicones and will strip the build up from your hair. My hair actually gets greasier faster with this than with my dove shampoo. So I usually wash with this then follow up with the usual shamp and condi routine.

Try this one lah, they have wee bottles for cheap.

petra said...

ah ok. thanks for the clarification! :p

no, i have not used this in years. it is mighty tempting as i love the scent, but you know me and my efforts at trying to limit my tested on animals products.

am trying to find a friendlier product that does everything you described, and the laundry.