May 01, 2008

In the pursuit of pink

Once in awhile in life, you receive an epiphany. A burst of clear insight that provides meaning behind some of your decisions and actions in life. Its clarity makes it all so blindingly obvious you wonder how you could be so blind.

I have just had one about my lippie collection.

It may not be obvious from the really bad image above (swatching is HARD, harder than I ever realise), but these are all swipes of my pink lippie collection. And in real life, they're all eerily similar. Oh yes, there are some undertone and finish differences, but they're all basically a shade of berry pink. Believe it or not, this is something I have never noticed before now.

Because you see, I discovered perfection. The perfect pink is swatch number 1. It's Bobbi Brown's Clear Pink Lip Sheer, and it imprinted its lovely self in my brain to a degree that shades 2 - 5 were all bought because they look like shade 1 to a certain degree, they're all cheaper than any BB lippies, and they don't live in a limited edition palette (BB Pink Palette). It all seems perfectly reasonable that I should have 6 different versions of the same shade now, but I was doing all this purchasing subconciously. And I still haven't found the perfect twin to BB's lovely shade - which limited edition! Oh the angst! The search shall have to continue.

Here's the list of lippies behind the swatches:
  1. Bobbi Brown Clear Pink Lip Sheer
  2. Maybelline Watershine in Rhum Cake
  3. Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor in Pink Spice
  4. Bourjois 3D Effet 3D Cosmic in Shade 23. - Frambois Magnific
  5. Stila Twinset in Demi Blush
  6. Mentholatum Water Colour in City Rose

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