April 14, 2008

My Favourite Things: Himalaya Herbals Gentle Face Wash Cream

When I first met this face wash on the shelves of my local pharmacies here, I wasn't so sure about it. After all, no one I know was using it. I couldn't find anything on it on Makeupalley (henceforth known as MUA). And it didn't seem thaat impressive. And there were no big ad campaigns claiming it to be any Superhero or anything.

But anyhow, I wanted to give it a try. I could feel it calling out to me to bring it home (ok, that's stretching it).

And so I did. I bought my first 150ml tube (because that's the only size it comes in) for RM16.90 (introductory price, I think. It's now RM21.90). And I fell in love with it.

I know it says "For normal to dry skin", and I have combi/oily and pimple prone skin, but somehow, it still works. It never breaks me out and it doubles as a general makeup remover as well. I find it doesn't work well in removing heavy eye makeup, but that's fine as I usually use Vaseline or cold cream for that anyway.

It includes cucumber, aloe vera and Indian gooseberry as some of its main ingredients, but you can read more of that here.

I love the way my face feels after a wash - soft and clean. Perfect. None of that tightness that some cleansers give.

If I did have a gripe about this product, it would be that I can't always carry this product around with me everywhere I go because of the hugeness of the tube. I'm not one to have extra travel size bottles or containers lying around (not yet anyway), and I so wish they'd come out with 50ml size tubes. If they ever did, it would be perfect.

As I now start on my third tube, my crush has developed into a full-blown love affair.


petra said...

ohoho... i so gonna try this. the local guardian (or was it watsons) once gave 50% off HH. i should've stocked up then.

i like eucerin but only in certain states of malaysia. could this be the answer? *cross fingers*

thanks syen! =)

Syen said...

Hey Petra! Can't believe I only read your comment here now. LOL.

So, have you tried it? How do you like it?

Petra said...

not yet. still finishing my body shop aloe cleanser! but i tried the hh neem face wash and face mask - save for the stinging caused by the mask, they were GREAT.

just bought the mask and nexcare for a pimply friend.