May 07, 2008

Duped: Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Palette

Credit for spotting this dupe goes to JenW of Silk Naturals' Forum, and she looks utterly lovely in it too! Thanks to her, I realised that I owned everything I needed from the Silk Naturals mineral makeup range to duplicate the much-coveted Limited Edition Spring 2008 Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pink palette. (Edit: JenW says all credit goes to Karen the creator of Silk Naturals). Although not as convenient as the palette, if its the look you're after you can, thanks to SN, get it for half the price. Best of all, SN's collection isn't limited edition (I couldn't even find a UK link to a site selling the BB Palette. It's GONE!)

For product reviews and prices:

Bone and Slate (dupe of BB Stone) are actually dupes from the now extinct Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Neutrals eyeshadow palette. But they duplicate Navajo and Fog well enough to achieve this palette's look. Slate is a medium grey with a tiny amount of shimmer that works well as an eyeliner (when wet) and crease shade (dry). It's highly pigmented and applies smoothly dry or wet. I don't own Bone, but it appears fairly similar to Navajo. For a touch of shimmer I like to dust on SN Eyeshadow in Wink Wink. The eyeshadows retail at $3.75 a pot.

Reviews online agree that SN's Tart blush is a perfect dupe of BB's Pink Raspberry blush. In the pot, the blush is a terrifyingly bright shade of pink, and it is indeed highly pigmented. Just a few grains are all I need for that delicious pop of berry pink. Although bright, the pink has enough neutral and plum undertones to save it from looking too dolly-bright, and I can see it suiting a wide range of skintones. The price for a full-sized blush (included in the pic's price roundup) is $6.25 but from the minute amount needed, I can see my sample size pot ($1.25) lasting forever!

BB's Raspberry & Blue Raspberry Lipsheers are cloned by SN's Berry Nice, and Seedy Kisser Slickers respectively. Both shades are very wearable berries, with Seedy being slightly cooler and lighter than Berry Nice. SN Kisser Slickers are extremely moisturising and last a surprisingly long time. They're faintly sweet and scented with vanilla and chocolate. The scent is not overwhelming (thank goodness) but deliciously pleasant. At $4.25 each I'll be collecting more of these little tubes!

I'm wearing:
  • Face: SN Mineral Silk foundation in Buttery Gold
  • Eyes: BB Bone (base), SN Wink Wink (highlighter), SN Slate (dry on the crease, wet to line)
  • Cheeks: SN Tart
  • Lips: SN Seedy
*Disclaimer: The "Duped" column refers to cheaper alternatives to expensive products. It in no way implies that the cheaper product deliberately duplicated the pricier version. In some cases, the cheaper product may pre-date the more expensive product.


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