May 20, 2008

For the boys: L'Oreal Men Expert Skin Renovator Cleansing Exfoliating Skin Renewer

Here's a nifty product that may just be macho enough for most men, while being desirable enough that the girls will want to steal it. L'Oreal Men Expert Skin Renovator ("renovator", really! Beauty marketing for men is downright goofy at times) is basically a very good scrubby scrub. How good? Well, when packaged for women - it's marketed as step 1 of the L'Oreal Refinish Microdermabrasion Kit which retails for £12.49.

Both scrubs contain high amounts of aluminium oxide micro-crystals which is used in microdermabrasion (the surgical version). In a scrub, they make for a very fine, very effective scrub that should not be used more than twice a week. Now L'Oreal's Microdermabrasion kit comes with a moisturiser to use after - but let's face it, what we really want is the scrub. And if you get your boyfriend to buy 'ol Skin Renovator here for £5.79 you get to nip it for free. And why should guys buy it?

No more ingrown hairs
Girls have long known that exfoliation helps prevent in-grown hairs caused by shaving. This wisdom has been neglected by men for ages, till now. Today's "close shave" is actually a little too close. When you use a razor with 4 blades, you're actually cutting the hair so close that it recedes below the skin surface. This causes the hair to potentially be trapped in the pore by dead skin cells, causing an ingrown hair. Use this scrub on your face, and it will exfoliate all the dead skin clogging up your pores away leaving your face hair free and clear.

Minimize acne scars
Not much will get rid of acne scars completely. But encouraging skin-cell turnover can only help minimize the appearance of scars. It will help lessen pigmentation and redness of recent blemishes.

Fewer blemishes
Blemishes form when a pore is clogged and gets infected. As mentioned above, an exfoliant will help remove the gunk and keep your skin clear(er). Just go easy on it, don't rub all your skin in the "renovation" process!


lilsweetkaz said...

I saw RiceBunny recommend this to be used with the electric toothbrush. Seems like a dupe of the expensive stuff =P. I'm just too paranoid to tear my skin physically so I stick with differin, aspirin(without scrubbing hard or at all), or BHA lotion!
However, I really wana try this. micro-crystals seem realllyyy tempting! Have you tried this?

kahani said...

I have tried the microdermabrasion kit. And yes, your skin gets reaaaally smooth afterwards. But I tend to have small breakouts after. They clear up quickly. but this means I don't use it unless my skin's looking particularly dull. I too use differin and the Neutrogena daily scrub, so it's just overkill for me to use this regularly too. You sound like you don't need it! See if you can borrow a tube or use a sample for a special do-it-yourself facial, and see if you like it then.

lilsweetkaz said...

Yeh, it is overkill if we use this on top of the others. But this would be good for those with good skin who don't need differin etc. and the microcrystals have got to sound tempting =P. I guess if you use it once a month it should be good.. =D