May 20, 2008

Review: Boots Time Delay Anti-Blemish Skin Concentrate & Mature Skin Age Spot Pen

Having just crossed the 25-year mark and am no longer classified as "young adult", I'll confess that aging is starting to be a niggling worry for me. So when Boots started issueing its generous £5 vouchers for its Time Delay line along with Olay, L'Oreal and Nivea's anti-aging lines I exploited the opportunity to play with the cheaper products available.

So far, I've uncovered two cosmetic gems in this line, reviewed here and here, but now I'd like to review two skincare products. The truth is, I don't feel like I've been using these products long enough to review them adequately (skincare products deserve at least 3 weeks to prove their worth), but as the vouchers expire tomorrow, I thought I'd put a rush on this.

Anti-Blemish Skin Concentrate
I have a suspicion that this product has either been discontinued or is merely sold out. I can't find it online anywhere except on eBay, so no pics or links. Inside the box, the serum is packeged in classy cylindrical plastic pump in frosted clear plastic and silver. One pump dispenses enough for my entire face.

I was drawn to this product, first by its low price - £6.25 for 30ml. It also claims to be anti-blemish, containing willowbark extract (salicylic acid), and anti-aging with White Lupin antioxidant extracts. The serum promises to "clear excess oil" (oh please, God let it do this), reduce redness, and hydrate.

The serum is wonderfully lightweight and a pleasure to use. It sinks it immediately and provides instant hydration - enough for me to skip a moisturiser for summer. I have never broken out since using it, so it's either doing nothing bad, or its actually working wonderfully, and I do believe that it calms redness. It certainly leaves the skin feeling silky, fresh and primed for makeup. Sadly, I haven't noticed a decrease in oil production, but I live in hope.

Mature Skin Age Spot Pen (pictured)
This may seem a rather dotty purchase for me. No, I don't have age spots - not a one. But as an Asian, my blemishes may heal, but they leave behind brown scars caused by hyperpigmentation that are a pain to conceal and hang around forever. This serum is "designed to visibly reduce the appearance of age spots" - which are essentially the same as my blemish spots as both are due to hyperpigmentation.

The product assures us that it has been tested and that after 2 weeks of use "72% agreed that their skin color looked more even, and after 4 weeks 73% agreed that the intensity of their spots decreased dramatically".

Well plump me in with all those happy people. After only 5 days of using this product twice-daily, I can see my stubborn brown blemishes fading! At first, afraid of breakouts, I dotted it only on the brown spots. When 3 days passed and nothing bad happened, but the spots lightened up, I've started using it all over to even out my slightly patchy skintone. If this product continues to perform as it does, and at only £7.49 for 30ml, it will certainly be a HG for me.

Verdict on Time Delay Range
Overall, I am very impressed with the Boots Time Delay range. All the products work fantastically well, have never broken out my oily blemish-prone skin, and are affordably priced. I would repurchase these products at full-price if I have to, and I'll be making a trip tomorrow to Boots to stock up before the voucher expires.


Cow Biscuit said...

Argh... I love the 'Anti-blemish Skin Concentrate' too - it's the best product I've ever found. I've already started getting some spots since I ran out of it...

And I think you're right, I do think it's been discontinued, which is a crying shame.

I've emailed Boots to ask about it, so I'll let you know if I hear anything!


Anonymous said...

I went to Boots today in hopes of finding it, not on the shelves, not on the website. This Boots No7 product seems remarkably similar though, and has great reviews so I might buy it tomorrow: