May 03, 2008

For convenience sake: Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack

Like Kahani, one of my favourite masks is the aspirin mask. You can read how she gushes about it here. But the one downside of that mask is that it takes time to prepare - all the pounding and mixing. And there are days when you just don't have the time (or mood) for it.

Enter my second favouritest mask - Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack.

First off, it comes in a huge tube, so you don't have to do any pounding and mixing, which is totally great for someone who likes things convenient (who doesn't?).

It's made for "oily and pimple-prone skin", so it sounds perfect for me. I discovered this mask after falling in love with this cream cleanser, so I thought I'd give it a shot, with high hopes that it would help clear up my facial blemishes.

It lists Neem (Azadirachta indica), Fuller's Earth (Multani mitti) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) as its main ingredients. Citric acid, which is known as an astringent and antioxidant, is pretty high up the list too. However, it also lists sodium methylparaben and sodium proplyparaben further down the list, so you decide if it's for you.

The mask is thick and dark green in colour, with a strong herbal scent. While I'm okay with it, please do take a whiff before bringing it home. I apply it directly with my fingers from the tube, spreading it on evenly. (It makes me look like a green monster, and I think I remember freaking my brother out once. tee hee hee). I leave it on for about 15 minutes, and after it dries, wet it just a bit again to exfoliate before washing it thoroughly off.

Just a word of caution though, as the tube is near finishing, it tends to have sudden squirts of air when you're squeezing the mask out. And that can have semi-disastrous results as bits of mask go flying into your mouth, eyes, hair, T-shirt etc. So a handy tip: squeeze the amount you need into a bowl first before applying it onto your face. So even if the tube decides to fart, it'll be farting into the bowl and not your eyes.

I (try to) use it once or twice weekly, and so far it has done a pretty good job. I find it soothes and calms my skin down, and helps subside blemishes. And just to prove that it works, a few weeks after I started using this mask, my colleagues complimented my skin for having cleared up a lot. Not bad, huh? Used regularly, it also helps in the oil-control department, and helps clear up pores.

I'm on my second 150ml tube now, and I've been getting my supply at the local drugstores in Malaysia for RM21.90. It's also available at Himalaya Herbals free-standing stores. Girls in the UK, take note, I just found out that Himalaya Herbals Direct is currently having a sale, so go check it out here.

I've also recently purchased the Purifying Neem Face Wash, which I will review soon. Promise.

PS: My brother (late teens, has acne, very tall, bright and *cough vain cough*) also uses this, and he'd like to add that "it definitely helps control new pimples from occuring".


cbenc12 said...

just got my tube todaY! Cant wait to go home and try it out after ur great review! thanks~

Syen said...

Hope it helps! Do let me know whether it's worked for you too. =)


LyNn said...

me. heart. this. too :D

Petra said...

i tried this last night and almost screamed my head off. it felt like ants attacking. but i like turmeric on the skin and will see how my skin fares after a few uses.

Kahani said...

wuss. =P No stinging here.

Anonymous said...

Nice review. I just started using the pack. Strangely though, the one I got here, manufactured locally in India, does not list sodium methylparaben and sodium proplyparaben in its ingridients.

Alee said...

i just recently developed adult acne and this face pack helps keep them at bay and dry them out fast. highly recommended!

Julz said...

Great review! I have actually been eyeing for this for quite sometime now, but still a bit hesitant because I have a very sensitive skin. Thanks for this review though, now I'm sold! :)

Anonymous said...

please help!where can i buy this in cebu?because its not already availabe at watson.I ve been loooking this for almost a month already..thank you

Kahani said...

Hey Anon, we're reviewing from Malaysia. it's entirely possible that Himalaya Herbals is not available in the Philippines.