May 09, 2008

Have Frizz, Will Fix

Some of you may remember reading about me being terribly envious of people with happy, shiny, bouncy hair. But I've since learned that with proper hair care such as using this conditioner, and with my ultimate hair shine weapon - Frederic Fekkai's Olive Glossing Cream - my hair too can look shiny and healthy (of course, regular trims to control split-ends help).

And those of you who know Malaysia will know that humidity here is as high as it can possibly get. And with such humidity, comes such frizz. Seriously.

What I love about this glossing cream is that while it has proven itself in adding shine and controlling hair frizz, and it's also amazingly moisturising at the same time (thanks to the olive oil). Similar to Kahani, my hair too, has different climate zones - oily roots, occasionally dry ends.
Used properly and in miniscule amounts, this glossing cream makes my dry-ends look well, less fried, and it doesn't add weight or greasiness to the roots. There's a photo here if you want to see what my hair looks like these days.

What I don't love about this glossing cream though, is that it's not available in Malaysia! I've been lemming after it for sooo long (as with most products before I cave in) that I was overjoyed to see it in the UK while I was there. But it was retailing for £16 (~RM112), a price I was NOT willing to pay.

However, fortune had it that the boyfriend was going to the US! =D And so with careful instructions, he managed to navigate himself to Sephora (makeup heaven!), where he got me a 200g tube for US$26.50 (~RM84.80). Pricey still, but so much more worth it.

So, how to use it:

  1. After washing (and towel drying) your hair, part it and use just a wee bit of the glossing cream (a pea-size amount is enough, really).

  2. Rub it in your hands to distribute it evenly, and apply to the ends first, working your way up. But don't massage it into the scalp if you tend to have an oily scalp.

  3. Blow dry or air dry your hair, and when you're done, use another pea-sized amount and repeat step 2. It really makes your hair shiny shiny.
It's now become my holy grail hair product and I adore it to bits. And for such a huge tube, it'll last me a long, long, long time.

Just a tip: My mom's been using it as well, and she actually found that the glossing cream moisturises her hands too if she doesn't wash it off after using it and leaves it on overnight. It's a tad greasy for day-use though.

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