May 14, 2008

Hurry! Glow Crazy with Soap & Glory!

For all Soap & Glory fans, and those waiting to try it out, this is a set that cannot be missed. Absolutely perfect for summer, Glow Crazy contains a full-sized bottle of The Righteous Butter Lite (worth £7), a full-sized Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in Peach (£11.45), a mini Flirtigo body spray(£3), and a Glow Crazy shimmer stick not available separately - all scented with that wonderful Soap & Glory scent, and all for only £10.

I was prowling around Boots looking for ways to spend my £11 worth of Advantage Points (love that card). Stopping by my favourite pink shelf, I spotted The Righteous Butter Lite which I thought would be perfect for the summer months. As I grabbed it, my eye was drawn to the big pretty pink box on the bottom shelf. Seconds later, I found myself clutching it at the cash register, and as soon as I got hom I tore into it and sampled everything. Here's my review.

The Righteous Butter Lite
My love for this wonderful lotion knows no bounds as I stroke my perfectly silky soft, moisturised, and beautifully scented skin. Much as I love The Righteous Body Butter, it can be hard to spread and a tad heavy for the warm summer months. Plus, I can only use it before going to bed because it takes awhile to sink in. I may convert permanently to this Lite version even in the winter months as it sinks in immediately, leaving soft, fragrant skin. Containing smoothing fruit acids, this lotion promises to smooth dry flaky skin, gently exfoliating and moisturising, to reveal softer skin with continuous usage.

Sexy Mother Pucker in Peach
As I'm not a fan of lip plumpers (my lips are full enough, thank you), and peach shades generally don't suit me, I wasn't expecting to like this product for more than its punnerific name. And I don't.

I LOVE it!

When applied, the gloss appears a sheer shimmery peach shade scented rather funkily with an orange chocolate scent. Then, the lip plumpers get to work. They don't sting exactly, but my lips start to undergo a strange vibrating sensation that lasts quite awhile. Afraid of bee-stung lips, I gaze at my reflection anxiously only to be delighted. The gloss does plump your lips slightly, but only to fill them out so the wrinkles are less apparent.

It also stimulates the blood circulation in the lips, creating a natural lovely flush of colour that when combined with the sheer peach shade of the gloss results in a perfect glowy my-lips-but-better summer nude shade. It's that sexy shade that goes with smokey eyes I've been searching for all this time. Use this, and I'm sure your significant other won't be able to keep his lips off you. Whether you want to warn him about the vibrating-lip effect, or let him think he's trembling with desire, is entirely up to you.

Glow Crazy Shimmer Stick
This stick appears to be a solid block of gold shimmer suspended in a clear base. It glides on smoothly leaving a trail of gold particles, that isn't quite as fine as I'd like. Scented with the S&G scent, the stick functions as a perfume stick as well as a body highlighter. As it isn't the most subtle I recommend using it on your shins and shoulders, rather than decolleté and neckbone.

Flirtigo Moisturising Body Mist
I won't talk about the scent again as I have waffled on quite enough about it here. I love to give my dry legs and arms a spritz with this after stepping out from the shower, rubbing it in for lightly moisturised arms that take no time at all. I do however have to be careful not to get it on my chest, as I find it causes breakouts there - something I'm not too happy about. Still, it is mostly my arms and legs that need it, so I'm glad to get another little bottle.


butterfly's castle said...

where can we buy the Sexy Mother Pucker in Peach in malaysia?? Is it available everywhere??

Kahani said...

Hi Butterfly, it's not available in Malaysia as far as I know. Paperdoll Boutique in Tropicana Mall occasionally carries some Soap & Glory Products. Outside of England the nearest to Malaysia may be Boots Thailand.