May 30, 2008

Pretty Eyes with H & M

One of the few eyeshadows I use rather regularly these days are my beloved H&M duos. I got two duos - Hot Sands and Skydiver - when I visited Kahani in Amsterdam last year.

And no regrets, baby! For less than €2, you get a 3gm duo with very workable colours.

The Hot Sands is a warm duo which comes in a sandy/champagne and copper-ish shade, while Skydiver is a cooler duo and it comes in a lighter blue/teal and a darker blue-ish/grey shade.

The photos here I took with fluorescent lighting and no flash. I have only worn the eyeshadows on their own with no liner and no mascara, to show what they look like on their own. (Oh, please don't mind the brows, I'm growing them out. *blush*)

Although I have warm, yellow undertones, all four colours work fine on me. I wear Hot Sands for a very neutral and natural look, while Skydiver can be paired with other grey eyeshadows for a blue-tinged smokey eye look. On its own, it works fine for a simple day-time look too.

The sandy/champagne shade is very light and I love using it as an overall wash on my eyes, and it can be also used to highlight the browbone. Add the copper-ish shade in the crease, and I'm ready to go.

Finish wise, all four colours have a shimmer finish, but it seems more apparent in the Hot Sands duo. The eyeshadows apply very smoothly, and is generally quite pigmented, except for the sandy/champagne shade. But granted, it IS a very light shade.

And these shades last quite a decent number of hours too. If I apply them with the morning (with Benefit's F.Y. Eye primer), they are still on when I finish work at night. There might be a slight crease, but for the less than €2 price tag, I'm definitely not complaining.

It's also comes in a very pretty and slim packaging- just perfect for travelling. The case in transparent with a rose motive on the lid. It does remind me a little of the badges in the War of the Roses. =P

It's not available here in Malaysia (as usual), but the lucky UK girls can check it out at the H&M outlets.


lilsweetkaz said...

Eyeshadows are so tempting, especially cheap & pigmented ones! However, I'm trying to ban myself from buying until I start to make some dents in my current shadows lol. It looks lovely on you! Lisa, you have really pretty eyes and even your unplucked eyebrows have a nice shape to it!! Lucky girl.

Syen said...

Hey girl! Hehe.. I know! Makeup's ALWAYS tempting. I hope you manage to stick to your self-imposed ban(never quite worked for me, tho). =P

Thanks again for the compliments.*blush* But from what I've seen, you look really pretty yourself.

As for the eyebrows, I've been meaning to get them threaded, but haven't quite found the time to get round to it. =P

Tine said...

Ooooh I remember H&M makeup! I bought a couple when I was studying in the UK donkey years ago. The ones I got weren't that good though (what to do, they were on sale :p). But I remember that their packaging is always very pretty :)

Syen said...

Oh yes. Packaging very pretty = very tempting. I had restrain myself very badly. And I think Kahani will remember dragging me out of H&M. =P

kahani said...

Several times I did. And only with the promise of more makeup did she leave. =P