May 29, 2008

Product Review: Kiehl's Lipbalm #1

After reading so much after Kiehl's #1 lipbalm, I was overjoyed to find that it was finally available in Malaysia. I am a little late on the Kiehl's bandwagon, but I did finally haul myself to their counter in KLCC and got a little tube for RM29.

Being a addict for all things lippie, I had to try their legendary #1.

(Kahani, I DID want to get a Pear/Mint/Cranberry-flavoured one, but they didn't have it. *Boo*). Since that wasn't available, I settled for the one with SPF 4. I had great expectations of it, seeing that so many seem to swear by that #1.

But I was disappointed.

My first impression of it was that it felt like Vaseline. But then, since its main ingredient is petrolatum *duh*, I guess the similarity is only expected.

I'm not quite sure what else I was expecting, but perhaps something more balmy, more salvey? Something of a thicker consistency maybe? It's easy enough to slather on, as it comes out light. But it's just little lighter than I would have liked.

I tried it a few times, slathering it on my consistently dry and chappy lips (thanks to my job which makes sure I'm either outdoors where it's really hot, or air-conditioned indoors where it's VERY dry). While it goes on quite nicely, it certainly doesn't whip up miracles. My lips didn't feel very much better.

I really did want to like it (REALLY), but it just doesn't quite live up to its hype.

Also, while the little 15ml tube is handy to have, it's slightly unhygienic as you'll need to use your fingers to apply the balm, unless you happen to carry a lip brush with you everywhere you go. The screw-on top doesn't quite allow you to apply it directly from the tube.

So, like ParisB, I guess it's back to my beloved Vaseline for now to keep my lips moisturised and happy.


Mrs. Lynne, said...

Hey you two! Just wanted to gives thanks for checking out the blog! I appreciate it :) And I like the posts you have up on here also. Well one.

I've heard great things on Kiehl's also but am reluctant to try until my MAC Lip Conditioner runs dry (LOVE LOVE this btw!!).

Anyhow, thanks again for stopping by. Hope you two are having a great week so far. Keep up the great job and I hope to hear from you again!

Askmewhats said...

hey there, I heard a lot of rants and raves on this product!!!! I bought one myself not because of the hype but because I am seriously SERIOUSLY in need of a good balm. Burt's bees works great on me..but you know me, I always think something out there is better, so I did buy this one and it surprisingly works well on lips aren't that dry compared to before (as mine literally cracks when i wake up forming a big O on my lips hehehe) now it doesn't. But i hate the tube..and it is truly unhygienic..i'm sorry it didn't work on you. Vaseline works for me too, but I wanted something more hygienic..DUH! and i chose the wrong one..hahahah!

parisB said...

I so hated this lol... I find the Vaseline in the tub the best or pure Vitamin E oil. I dont like the vasline in the tube even if that one gets raves.

Syen said...

Mrs Lynne: Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I haven't tried the MAC Lip Conditioner, but I just might when all of mine run out. =P I'm a terrible bummer for trying out new lippies and all.

Have a great week yourself, and thanks again. =)

Askmewhats: Hello! I haven't had the chance to try out Burt's Bees too, although I've read lots of raves on them. But I'm glad to know that at least #1 worked for you. I guess different things work differently for diff people. lol.

ParisB: Hey! I was somewhat comforted to know that I wasn't the only one who didn't quite like this balm. lol. I've tried the tube Vaseline a long time ago, but can't quite remember it very well now since I've been using the tub for SO long. =) It' vaseline for us, then.

Anonymous said...

Hey there...was wondering if anyone knows if there's a Yves Rocher shop in PJ area.

Syen said...

Hello Anon,

Erm... I was hunting for a Yves Rocher outlet myself not too long ago, and the only one I could find in the PJ area was in Sunway Pyramid, the new wing, if I'm not mistaken. There used to be an outlet in 1U, but it's closed down, I think.

Hope this helps! If you do find other outlets within the area, please do let me know.

Thanks again for dropping by!

eliz said...

Hi Syen, I am a cheapskate, d only lip balm that i use is Nivea Lip Care in Cherry Kiss or Strawberry Kiss. I love the smell of fruits, and it is small n handy,plus it only cost about Rm7.90! :)

Syen said...

Hi eliz,

Nah.. you're not a cheapskate. I have Nivea lipbalms too. =) It's not about how pricey stuff are. It's about finding what works for you.

Thanks again for dropping by!

kahani said...

Syen: But you have EVERY lip balm. You're balmy about balms!

Syen said...

Ehehe.. SO? =P

kahani said...

So.. you are hardly a standard against which to judge personal character traits regarding lipbalms. =P

eliz: my teasing of syen aside, she's write. It's all about what works. After all she's sticking to dirt cheap Vaseline. =)