May 28, 2008

Review: Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

As promised, here's my review for Blinc's Kiss Me Mascara as compared to L'Oreal's Double Extension Beauty Tubes. Now both are based on the same technology where the mascara forms a waterproof & oil-proof tube around your lashes giving you unbudgeable mascara that is easily removed with the application of warm water. However, of the two Blinc is clearly the superior formula, but L'Oreal offers the better product. How is this possible?

Blinc applies smoother, and more easily than L'Oreal's black top-coat. It also looks glossier, feels light and fluttery, and is quite a bit easier to remove than L'Oreal. BUT (as you can see this is a big 'but'), on its own without a primer, it doesn't volumize or lengthen at all. L'Oreal's product comes with a volumnizing and lengthening base for £9.99 (currently on offer for £7.99), whereas Blinc on its own retails at £16.50 with the primer weighing in at £12.50.

When used with L'Oreal's lash primer, Blinc is everything I want it to be, except of course that it is far more expensive than I want it to be. Girls with pale, long and thick lashes will adore this product as it will darken and provide a natural day look that never flakes, smudges, or fades. I already have black lashes and I have to look really close to discern any difference no matter how much of this mascara I lash on.


From comments and reviews online, it seems that many girls labour under the delusion that it is water and rubbing that gets the mascara off. And since I'm afraid they're wrong, they're left frustrated, wet, raw-eyed and with their mascara still on.

What really removes this mascara is heat. About 39º-40ºC of heat in fact. You need to dampen a cotton pad in warm water (not hot don't burn your eyelid!) squeeze most of the water out and hold the warm pad to your closed eyelid for a few seconds. Then gently move the pad in little circles to dislodge the tubes, and drag it downwards. If there's still mascara left on your lashes, repeat. This should remove the tubes easily without unnecessary trauma.

Blinc removes like a dream with this method. L'Oreal comes off too.. but it flakes a whole lot more and it takes more rounds to get everything off. Still, I think the price difference warrants a little patience.

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