May 28, 2008

Duped: Nars Orgasm Blush & Lip Gloss

I swear I haven't lost my mind. I'm really am suggesting that this unglamorous pile of pink mineral powder is a dupe for both Nars Orgasm blush and the lip gloss - and for a price difference so vast it's unholy. And I claim this dupe because Silk Naturals Mineral Blush in Climax can be mixed with clear gloss to produce a peachy-pink lip gloss with fine gold shimmer particles.

As you can see, I'm wearing Nars Orgasm on one cheek, and Climax on the other (what a combination of names!). It is actually apparent in the photo that Climax has slightly cooler undertones than Orgasm - Karen admits to adding some plum undertones to create a shade that would a wider range. So Climax is not an exact dupe, but it is a lovely, lovely shade and in person (when you're not staring intently at both my cheeks and contrasting them), you really can't tell the difference.

In terms of application, Orgasm is obviously more convenient as it is pressed. It is also slightly more pigmented , but as Climax is a loose powder that's probably a good thing. My tiny sample of the mineral blush has been lasting me a long time though and I've been reaching for it as both a blush and gloss almost daily. It's just so perfect for that summer glow!

Lip Gloss
Unlike the blushes, I don't have an original Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss to compare - yet. Actually, it was my frustrated longing for a gloss I know I'll love but may never get that made me try dipping my lip brush in Climax and mixing the pigment into the clear lip gloss (L'Oreal Colour Juice in peek-a-boo clear if you must know) to create an "Orgasm" tinted lippie. The fine pigments in this gloss make this lip-mix incredibly long lasting. Unless you sit down to a full meal it won't fade or budge from your lips. I love the result of this experiment so much I've been trying it with all my SN blushes to great success, but this shade remains my favourite. As you can see from the photo, it really works with the blush.

More Nars Orgasm dupes
So great has been the success of this cult product that many beauty companies have tried to duplicate it. My Women Stuff has the most amazing post on Nars Orgasm dupes, complete with comparative swatches, we have ever seen. Check it out!


parisb said...

Hey, thanks for the link love! And I'm tempted to try Silk Naturals but do I seriously need ANOTHER Orgasm look alike?! Hehe... btw, do check out your title methinks a letter is missing ;)

Syen said...

Oops! Fixed it! Thanks for the look-out. =P

Anonymous said...

Umm i thk you would need to check on about using Climax on ur lips. I remember Karen mentioning once that Climax is one of the blushes that contains non lip safe ingredients. Foreplay lipgloss is the version meant for the lips.

kahani said...

Hi there, thanks for the heads up. I checked up on it and here's what Karen posted in the forum under "General Hints and Tips":

All of our blushes are lip safe- that means that you can combine them with clear gloss to make an infinite variety of colors! The easiest way to do it is to dip your gloss into your blush, and then apply!

Another fun one is that we only really use about 15 different ingredients (excluding colored pigments) for ALL of our products- so they're really multi-use. You can use extra foundation from your sample kits as brow powders, eye shadows, or anything else you would like! Anything green or blue can't go on your lips, and you can't use Climax on your eyes, but other than that- the sky's the limit!"

Emily D said...

Great blog, Em! I love it. I'll visit all the time.