June 08, 2008

Heads up! FREE Benefit Gloss with £2 Glamour Mag

UK girls if you hurry, hurry to a magazine stand you can still get your hands on this month's Glamour magazine. Each £2 Mag comes with a FREE fullsized Benefit Her Glossiness Lip Gloss worth £13. (Or , the way I see it, £2 for the gloss, and the mag is the added bonus). There are three gorgeous shades up for grabs all from the A-List series:
  • "My People, Your People" - A clear pale pink gloss with mother of pearlshimmer. Very sparkly and almost colourless.
  • "Who Are You Wearing" - A sheer, bright, passionfruit pink with fine shimmer
  • "Didn't Hear it From Me" - A sheer peachy gloss. Described as "poeaches and cream cream" on the site.
Read on for reviews and more promos!

I've managed to nab My People, Your People (MPYP), and Who Are You Wearing (WAYW) so far and will be on the lookout for the third. The glosses feel very light and are not sticky in the least.

The two shades, apply sheerly, are glassy-glossy and are very wearable. Even MPYP which looks doubtful in the tube, looks amazing over lipsticks and lipstains without looking OTT (over the top) for day-wear. Although if your office is very conservative you may want to keep it for after hours.

WAYW appears to be a clear, sheer pink gloss at first. But closer inspection shows it to be infused with very fine shimmery particles. I can't quite tell if they're silver or gold. They don't show up when worn (unless someone is eyeing your lips very closely indeed) and serve to give the gloss extra oomph and dimension. Very pretty!

The glosses have a tangy scent I can't quite identify. Like artificial pineapple, or berries. It is quite strong so if scents like this bother you, you may not like it. They are tasteless and fairly longlasting. Plus the tube is HUGE about 30ml unheard of

An additional reason to buy the mag & gloss (as if you needed one), is the 10% discount code contained within, 10% off products and services at Benefit Boutiques with the enclosed coupon, and a free "make-upper" service plus a sample of "That Gal" face primer with the voucher.

I warn you though the mag is literally flying off the shelves, or having the glosses nabbed. So RUN if you haven't got yours yet.


Tine said...

Hehe, so you bought two of the same mags? Still it's VERY cheap! Dammit why do we only get crap gloss here with mags? :(

kahani said...

Even better Tine, I grabbed THREE of the same mag - only to find to my dismay that one of the tubes was in a mislabled box. So I have two of "My people your people", so one will be winging its way to Syen sooner or later. =)