June 08, 2008

Product Review: ZA Two-Way Foundation

Being a long time and devoted user of the ZA Two-Way foundation, Kahani first introduced it to me a few years back. However, for some reason, I could never find a shade that suited me just right.

After two tries (one shade was too dark, and another was too light), I gave up on it.

However, a month or so back, I read this post on A Touch of Blusher, and I was seriously tempted to give it another shot. And so I did. This time I was not disappointed at all.

I don't have perfect skin. No matter how hard I wish. Frankly, if my skin doesn't break out on me, I'll be happy enough. If it doesnt end up flaking all over the place, I'll be equally grateful. So I guess you can say I have combi/oily, and oh, pimple-prone skin.

So how did the ZA Two-Way hold up? Not bad at all.

(Before: As you can see, my skin's splotchy and shiny from my moisturiser).

(After: Moderate coverage, with Skin Food powder [see below for explanation] and just a touch of MAC Trace Gold blush and lip balm. Much better, no?)

It comes in 8 shades and I wear this in #22 (in MAC, I'm an NC25/30), which leans to the yellow-undertone side. I use it mainly to even out my skin tone and to cover the red patches on my face where there are old pimple scars or when a pimple is about to form. And it works quite brilliantly there.

The coverage is moderate. While it doesn't offer full coverage, it's enough for me to create a good canvas for the rest of my makeup to go on. And besides, although not blessed with perfect skin, I'm not one who likes my foundation to be too heavy as I feel it's just too much. Makes any sense?

It comes in a matte finish and as you can see in the pic, my shinies are all matted away with. It does help with the shine-control too, and my face can stay shine-free for a slightly longer period than if I were to do without this foundation, although a touch-up is normally in order, say after lunch time.

One other thing I think it note-worthy here is that it doesn't turn orange on me at all. The colour stays true throughout, and after a blot and a touch-up in the afternoon, it looks as fresh as when I first applied it in the morning.

It also comes with SPF 20++, which is great for us living here in sunny Malaysia. While I still use my SPF 30 day moisturiser, it's always good to know that my foundation too, has SPF. The more, the merrier right?

Another thing I love about this foundation is that you only need to buy the foundation compact once. Thereafter, you only need to buy the refill, which is priced between RM40+ (without discount).

In Malaysia (which is one of the few countries carrying the ZA line from Shiseido), this Two-Way foundation can be usually found at the bigger drugstore branches. The smaller ones might carry ZA products, but they might not have the refills. They seem to be quite elusive, especially a few particular shades.

So, in conclusion, I'm pretty happy with this foundation, seeing that it suits my oily skin. I'll be sticking to it until I find something better that comes along. =P

Oh, you might have also noticed that my compact is not the usual blue, but is a very pretty one with butterflies on it. =) I've got Kahani to thank for this. She got me this casing for about RM5 (maybe?) at some Guardian warehouse sale many years back. Thank youu!!

Note: I don't usually use the Two-Way foundation for my entire face. I normally just apply it to my chin, nose and the areas beside my nose (inner cheek areas) to even out my complexion, and then powder my whole face with Skin Food Lemon Fresh Pact (also) in #23.


lilsweetkaz said...

Heyyy! it looks really good on you! Enough to sort of cover/tone down the pimples and stuff, but you don't look cakey.

I've always wanted to try these Japanese lines (MAINLY coz those models look so damn attractive in the ads lol). But sometimes I think that they might not be yellow enough for me.. apparently I'm very yellow haha. I think theirs is generally beige.

Syen said...

Heyee!!! Thanks. =P

Yea, I like that it doesn't look too cakey, and that it doesn't look like I've got a tonne of makeup on. I don't mind having a little flaw showing up, I feel it makes things look more real.

As for the yellow part, I'm very yellow too, and tan-ish. Cos well, Malaysia's summer all year round. =P

lilsweetkaz said...

i also saw a good review for it at 'touch of blusher'!
Do you know how much these retail for?? Thx <3

kahani said...

Hey Lilsweetkatz, when I left M'sia a year ago, I think it retailed for around RM28 - RM33 for a refill (sorry, my memory is indeed hazy but that's the price range I recall). In pounds that would be about £5 and in dollars $7-9 (depending on the exchange rate). Hope that helps!