June 11, 2008

Product Review: DHC Blotting Lotion

I hope you girls will forgive me for perpetually linking back to Kiss and Makeup during the weekdays. As I blog all day there, I'm less inclined to blog more when I get home. Plus, most of the products I test now are obtained through the company, so of course all my reviews go to them first.

Anyway, here's my review on the latest bump on the road in my quest to conquire my oily skin. The good news is, the lotion didn't do anything terrible. But as its main ingredient is isopropyl alcohol I have to warn you that it may indeed do terrible things to other girls. Hop on over to read my full review and suggestions on alternate ways to put this to use if you already own it.

Update (15/06/2008) : Link fixed! Thanks Lilsweetkatz. =)


lilsweetkaz said...

hey~ just wanted to let you know the link to the review is wrong I think =)

Kahani said...

ooh noes. thanks babe, will check it up and fix it. =)