June 12, 2008

Makeup Haul: MAC Neo Sci-Fi Goodies!

Wokay. I am happy. I am grinnning happy. And it's obvious why. I headed down to MAC today (before a night assignment) and got myself some makeup goodies from their Neo Sci-Fi collection. (It's out in M'sia, ladies!)

(From left to right: Evening Aura, Spaced Out, X-Rocks, Expensive Pink. Sorry girls, I just couldn't get the colours to come out exactly right).

As you can see, I got two blushers, and two eyeshadows, and they all come in this BRIGHT neon orange packaging (that colour stayed very true in the photo).


As you all know, (besides lippies,) I am a blush junkie (especially for MAC blushers), so I couldn't help myself but get BOTH blushers (sheertone shimmers, my favourite) from this collection.

Especially for Spaced Out. MAC describes it as a "shimmery peach", and anything that says "peach" grabs my attention immediately. I knew I had to have it from the moment I saw it out on their website.

As for X-Rocks, it's a "shimmery dirty mauve", as MAC calls it. It departs from my usual blush range, hence I was tempted to give it a try. MUA girls said it looks blah in the pan, but great on their MAC NC20-all-the-way-to-NC35 skin. And I have NC25/30 skin. So here goes. If it really doesn't work as a blush, well... I'll have a really huge pan of what looks like a great eyeshadow.


I also got two eyeshadows - Expensive Pink and Evening Aura (both veluxe pearls). Expensive Pink looked great swatched on. It looked pinky/coralish gold, and I am pretty sure it's a shade I can pull off easily, as I'm into gold, bronze and copperish shades. And as for Evening Aura, it's "frosty golden peach". Enough said.

So hang around, because I plan to be posting reviews when I get around to playing with them. Soon.

Have you ladies gotten anything from the Neo Sci-Fi collection? Or plan to? Share your hauls/lemmings in your comments! I want to hear from you.

PS: Blush cost RM70 each, and shadows RM57 each. *gulp*


Askmewhats said...

I love your MAC NEO Sci Fi haul!!! and the packaging is indeed neon orange! :) it looks great i'm sure!!!!

Syen said...

Hello! I love it tooo!! *grin*. It does look great. Can't wait to start playing around with it. tee hee hee.

kahani said...

Guess what? Silk Naturals has a clone of Expensive Pink - I guess it must have turned up in some other collection before. Look here.

Tine said...

Okay totally unrelated-to-the-post comment here. Kahani, saw your makeup bag contents in Kiss and Makeup (LOVE that site; have been reading for a year now :p). You go girl! Promote M'sia more. Hehehehe!

Syen said...

Kahani: If I'm not mistaken Expensive Pink isn't an LE. I've seen it before. And I think the MAC MA here told me the same thing too. But heck, why own one in the plain black pot when you can have it in neon orange? =P

Are you going to try the Expensive Pink clone from SN?

Tine: Yea, I saw her in the vid too. Somebody's makeup bag was so full she had trouble unzipping it. LOL. =P

kahani said...

"Why own the plain black one when you can have it in neon orange?"

*grasps heart* To think I would ever hear such a statement from YOU!!! WHO are you? And WHAT have you done with Syen??

Syen said...

MUAHAHAHA.. *evil laughs*.. Syen's GONE! Behold, YOUR Franchenstine!!!!

*ahem*.. Sorry, for the rest of you girls. It's a little insider joke we've got running. I'm her little makeup monster.


kahani said...

Yes, little do the rest of you know, but when I first met her, the only makeup she used was lipbalm, and her favourite and ONLY go-to colour was BEIGE

Syen said...

HEY! That's not entirely true, but oh well... I still like beige/cream by the way. Nothing's wrong with THAT colour. I just like MORE colours these days. =P

lilsweetkaz said...

haha you girls are funny!

Syen, you're such a splurger.. I would buy like 1 blush MAX at a time.
But the packaging is TOO cute.
MAC in Malaysia is like Aus, quite expensive. I would say in the US, it's 'cheap'!

Syen said...

Hehe.. Like I said, I'm a blush junkie. =P What to do? (Granted, I don't usually buy so many pricey products at one go, this IS a bit of a splurge. Really!)

But yes, it's quite pricey here, although I should think it's even pricier in Aust. How much is a MAC blush in Aust?

Now if I were in the US, I'd be in makeup heaven. =)

But then, I really needed some "retail therapy" that day. Seriously, when you work so many looong hours, you NEED some sort of therapy. =P