June 20, 2008

Product Review: Ocean Mist Mineral Foundation, Blush and Eyeshadow

As you can guess between the free sample kits and my internship with Kiss and Makeup I've been absolutely swamped with mineral foundations to test and try. And since fairness demands (unless the foundation is truly unbearable) almost a week's usage before a review, it's taken me awhile to get around to this particular sample kit.

Ocean Mist minerals is yet another budget online mineral makeup company. Although selecting the sample set is pretty easy, the website on the whole is a pain to navigate. While I appreciate their wide range of foundations shades, having to scroll through pages and pages of them - uncategorized or organized - is really annoying.

The Ocean Mist free sample kit is actually a very decent deal as all jars are absolutely packed to the brim. I got three foundation colours in Shell (Olive Light), Buff (Olive Medum), and Dandelion (Golden Light); Blush in Vanora (dusty mauve shimmer), and Lightly Tinted Finishing Powder, and Light Concealer. Read on for reviews!


I'll say straight up that I wasn't impressed or horrified by this foundation. It wasn't great, it wasn't bad. It was just okay. Shell proved to be the best match for my skintone, and it provided medium to full coverage that was unfortunately rather flat (rather like Silk Naturals, only flatter). It didn't control oil very well, and by the end of the day it appeared rather patchy. After using it for three days I just didn't find myself reaching for it anymore.

The line does have its plus points though, if you're looking for other things in a foundation than I am. As mentioned before, it has a huge range of shades, and their foundations for women of colour are specially formualated to not appear ashy on darker skintones with a truly impressive colour range. So if you've never found a shade dark enough or rich enough to suit your skintone, try Ocean Mist.

Also if you have normal skin and only want matte medium coverage this line might suit you to the ground. Its formulation is very basic, as it's bismuth-free and all-natural so it won't cause breakouts or react with sensitive skin. At $12 for a full-sized jar it is also very affordable.

Powder & Concealer

Both these shades were simply too peachy and pink for me to use at all. The Powder wasn't translucent enough for me to use without it altering my colour. It also doesn't control oil worth a damn. It does provide a lovely finish though, so if the colour suits you go for it. I couldn't use the concealer at all as pinky peach patches is no way to hide a blemish.

The finishing powders come in several sizes ranging from absolutely massive 30g jars to samples. Full-sized concealers are in 20g jars. I can't list prices because they're tricky to figure out and I'm afraid of misquoting. But full-sizes should cost around $11.

Vanora Blush

Now THIS is the product that absolutely blew me away. The unassuming dusky mauve shade appeared uninspiring in the jar and I left off trying it for quite awhile. What a mistake! This shade was beautiful on! It made me appear fresh, and glowy without looking too dolly-pink. Its slight shimmer is just enough to perk up the blush without making me look like a lost disco ball.

The blush also lasted much longer than my beloved Silk Naturals blushes. I went all day without a touch up and there it was in the evening, fainter but still there. It is also pigmented without being too hard to handle - so if I'm in a rush I won't look like a clown. It's also a beautifully neutral shade so I find myself reaching for it over and over unless my lipgloss is very peachy. Love love love!

I promise to load a swatch or FOTD pic of the blush with it soon! (It's been a very busy week). At just $8.50 for a 20g sifter I will definitely be repurchasing this very pretty blush when (if) I run out!

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