May 21, 2008

Free Makeup Samples!

Bet that got your attention! After all, what beauty junkie doesn't absolutely adore getting free makeup samples? I for one am now swimming in them as I've signed up for, and ordered every single one of the following free makeup samples available online! This should give me research fodder for oodles of reviews once I get going on them. Here's a list of free mineral sample kits available online (international), and websites offering free beauty samples (UK only).

Mineral Makeup
Online sites selling mineral makeup abound, and most have realised that the only way to sell without massive advertising and marketing tactics, is to offer samples. A few enlightened ones even offer FREE sample kits - you only need to pay for shipping. Sadly, all these sites are based in the US so it's International shipping fees you'll be saddled with, but in my opinion, the generosity of these kits make it worth it. Here's a list plus shipping charges to the UK.
  1. Everyday Minerals - This prestigious and long-established makeup line doesn't rest on its laurels and charge exorbitant prices. Bless their hearts, they keep their prices reasonable, and offer this great sample kit. The kit allows you to select 3 foundations, 1 blush/face colour, and 1 concealer in sample sizes. Shipping was a very reasonable US$4.25. Thanks to our reader, lilsweetkatz. for the heads up!
  2. Ocean Mist Cosmetics - Their "Try Me Sample Kit" is extremely generous, providing 5g sample jars of 3 foundations, 1 blush, 1 finishing powder, and 1 concealer - reviews on MUA promise that thet jars will be fully packed! The size of the kit, allows for the higher shipping charge of US$6.30. (Thanks to the Mineral Makeup Blog for this one!)
  3. Signature Mineral Makeup (pictured) - Possibly the most flexible of the sample kits, the site allows you to buy any 6 of their products spanning foundations, concealers, finishing powders, eyeshadows, and blushes. And you can order the free sample kit more than once. They only request that you ask for only one kit per order, and that you don't double-sample. Eyeshadows come in 5g baggies, while the others all come in 5g sifter jars.Shipping for this is however a little high at US$7.50. (Thanks again to the Mineral Makeup Blog)
Free Sample Sites
Beautyholics around the world gaze at the US girls in envy as they are swamped by wave after wave of fabulous, free samples. For the UK however, I have come across two:
  1. Latest in Beauty - This new site offers three free samples of makeup, skincare, and hair &body (one-each respectively), per month, per customer at a postage fee of £1. Sadly the Clarins Pure Melt Gel (which I would love to compare to its dupe), was not availble to me. However a sample of the coveted Blinc mascara is winging its way to me as we speak. So expect a review comparing it to its dupe soon! (Found out about this via Kiss & Makeup). The site hopes that you will provide product reviews on all samples received.
  2. The Litmus Test - This is a site where you volunteer to test product samples and provide reviews. However, there seems to be an errror in its membership form right now - it won't allow me to update my details or product preferences. No mention of shipping fees though!
Hope that helps girls, will update this label with more posts on freebies if they come my way.


Askmewhats said...

thanks for the info..really helpful!!!!

kahani said...

no problem! =)

Gerry said...

Thanks for the information! Here's another spot for free makeup samples. There's a current offer for a free Neutrogena bronzer kit that may interest your readers.

kahani said...

Thanks Gerry, man you have no idea how much we envy you Americans. I'm assuming all those freebies are only for the US right?

Gerry said...

Hi, Kahani. I'm afraid you're right. Most of those offers are U.S. only. You have to read the terms, though. There are some exceptions.

For example, it looks as if this one for a free gift with the Clarisonic Skin Care system is available worldwide. And I think that the Murad Acne Complex offer is international also.