June 23, 2008

Shiseido Maquillage Colour Fix Climax Rouge

A few weeks back, I bought myself one lipstick from the Shiseido Maquillage line, after seeing this post, and after feeling like I deserve to treat myself to some retail therapy.

It's the Colour Fix Climax Rouge in BR332, which is brownish-peach. If you know me, you'll know that's very much my type of colour. =P

The sleek black tube itself screams simple elegance, and I really felt drawn to its less-is-more packaging.

(I really found the packaging simple and sleek, although a little longer than say, a MAC lipstick.)

The lipstick applies very well, leaving a nice sheen to my lips. If you look at the swatch picture carefully, you'll notice it has a shimmery finish. It feels a little soft during application, but so far it hasn't melted in my bag, so no problems there.

(It gives a nice sheer shimmery sheen. And it's peachy in colour. Perfect.)

Colour-wise, it applies a little sheer, but you can still see the colour on clearly. It goes very well for a nude-lip look, and I think it'll do fine paired with any warm blusher, such as this one. It doesn't last through meals very well, but I really don't mind whipping the little sleek lipstick out to reapply.

It's also not drying, which makes me love it even more. But as usual, I always apply lip balm before I do the lipstick, so that ensures my lip stays as chap-free as possible.

I find it rather pricey at RM89, but I've always wanted to try another Maquillage lipstick after getting one from Kahani years ago.

(All the pretty colours! I found myself tempted to try one from this Maquillage range, following a good experience with a previous Maquillage lipstick. Thanks Kahani!)

Overall, I'm loving it. If you're intending to splurge on a lipstick, a Maquillage is definitely one worth forking the dough out for. =P

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