May 20, 2008

Oh So Hip ~

MAC Fafi Hipness - it's a burst of sunshine on your skin and makes you look bright and happy.

It's a strong, strong shade of coral (I'm glad the colour in the picture stayed pretty true to the actual shade), with some shimmer that brightens up your complexion without being waaay too much, despite it being a Frost finish.

MAC calls it "intense coral with soft white pearl". Rather spot on, I'd say.

Prior to purchase, I had been ding-donging between Hipness and MAC's Beauty Powder Blush Joyous. It looked very similar to me in photos. Both are strong corals. I could not make up my mind, and had to consult the great beauty mavens of MUA to help me decide as to which to bring home. And after much hemming and hawing, Fafi Hipness emerged the winner.

It's very coral-ish and very strong (ok, I think I've said that enough times), and I think I understand why people with very light skintones might find this just a little too much for them.

But for me (MAC NC25/30), it's just beyootiful. And I don't even need to use a skunk (MAC #187) brush to apply it, just my MAC #129 blush brush. About 2 layers is about right for a healthy-looking complexion, although a bit of blending is necessary.

Packaging is pretty standard, but I like the Fafi signature on the lid, which makes it stand out more. It retailed at RM70 - the standard price MAC charges for blush.

I put my blusher on at about 8.30am on a work day, and I could still see at 5.42pm, with no touch-ups. I would re-purchase if I ran out, if only it wasn't an LE.

C'mon MAC, bring Fafi Hipness back!

It really is so loverly. =P


lilsweetkaz said...

Gosh, that looks so pretty! Sometimes I think people who've got the cheeks tend to be more blush crazy lol!!
I'm just wondering if you would be able to post pics wearing the product for reviews.

I just think it's MUCH easier for us =P and maybe you'll sway us to buy it haha. btw, I'm quite scared of coral, seems to look orange on me.. but it seems to pretty

What undertones are your skin?

lilsweetkaz said...
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Syen said...

Hi lilsweetkaz,

Oops! I think I forgot to mention, but actually I do have a pic of me wearing it. If you look under the post "Loverly Highlights", I'm wearing the Fafi Hipness blush.

My apologies that it isn't the best photo for a blush post, but I think you can see the blush on my right cheek.

I've got warm, yellow undertones.

I think you need not be too afraid of corals, just apply lightly.

Thanks for your suggestion, we'll try to do that more, although it may not always be possible. In which case, we'll try to accomodate with swatches instead.

Thanks again for stopping by! =)