July 04, 2008

Looks: Stage Makeup for a Video Shoot

As some of you might already know, I'm a journalist with one of the main English dailies in Malaysia. However, as the company is also headed towards the multimedia direction, some of us are roped in to read the news for our daily News Updates, which is posted on our website at The Star Online.

After a long hiatus from reading, I was once again dragged to the studio (okay, I'm exaggerating =P ) to read. It can be quite a fun experience being made up and put under the spotlight (literally). Have a look at it here:

(Just bear in mind that it's nowhere near BBC/CNN, but I'll get there one day!)

In the video, my face looks rather normal still, right? But seriously, they heaped tonnes of makeup on me, all while I was squealing, "Not too much, pretty pretty please?"

It's waaay more makeup than I would wear out on any day, and I totally agree with an editor when she said: "You're not supposed to be walking around in that makeup! It's only for the shoot!"

This is why.

Look at my face. Now look at my chest! See the difference? Talk about a fake tan. =P

As you can see in the photo, stage makeup is very different from our daily makeup. It's definitely not something I'd recommend for a day-out at the mall. The reason why they apply so much on is to ensure I don't looked washed out when I'm hit with all the spotlights.

Among the products used to produce this (sorry, I didn't manage to look at everything, we were in a bit of a rush) were:


  • ZA 2-way foundation (my own)
  • Revlon pressed powder in a dark shade which they used for contouring around my jawline and nose area.
  • A concealer.
  • Silky Girl blush in a very bright pink shade (think Bobbi Brown Peony in the pan) to brighten the cheeks.

  • Silky Girl eyeshadow duo in Smokey Sparks (my own)
  • A black eyeliner to define my eyes
  • Brown brow pencil to fill in my brows
  • Eyelash curlers for my lashes

  • Lipbalm - Sebamed lip defense with SPF30 (my own)
  • Lipstick - MAC Strawbaby (from Fafi collection, my own)
  • Lipgloss - Clinique Superbalm in Apricot (my own)
Just wanted to share with you girls on my experience in the studio. Hope it was interesting! =)

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