July 04, 2008

Review & Roundup of Liquid Mineral Foundations

You asked for it and we deliver! Although not "cheap" sadly (only Maybelline's Liquid Mineral foundation is cheap, and that's not really mineral - just has minerals) these foundations are all more affordable than Youngblood's.

Ok, what isn't? Go here for my full review on gloTint and Jane Iredale. An editor with dry skin reviewed SukiColor.

Of the three, the most affordable and my favourite would be the gloSheer Tint Base. Although if you're after moisturisation I can definitely recommend the Suki Color Tinted Active Moisturiser. However, I had such high hopes for Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals and was badly disappointed. Hard to use, lousy coverage, it looked odd sometimes, and was too yellow!

Have you girls used any of these? If so, what do you think of them?

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