July 03, 2008

So Loverly is now a member of Coutorture!

If you girls look over to the right, under our lable cloud you'll see that So Loverly is now a member of the prestigious Coutorture network of beauty and fashion blogs. (Oh no. They've immortalised my EYE!)

I'd like to thank all of you, our lovely readers, for your support and encouragement that have made beauty blogging such a joy for Syen and me. We look forward to your comments and love reading your blogs too!


Anonymous said...

A good indication to love your eye! Look at the bright side -- it doesn't age as fast as mine! (I have double eyelids; and my eyelids seem to wrinkle faster)

Which reminds me; time to put on my eye cream.

kahani said...


hmm... should probably write something on eye cream...

Anonymous said...

A couple of people I know swear upon Simple Regeneration Eye Cream - affordable and works, they say. I've just recently tried it. It's...well, okay, better than my last eye cream.

Thanks so much for your review of Neutrogena's face scrubs. I bought the Deep Cleansing Daily Scrub, and it has worked wonders for my face!