July 02, 2008

Product Review: Skin Food Lemon Fresh Pact aka Powder for Oily Skin

Those of you who've read my previous posts might find this name rather familiar. Skin Food Lemon Fresh Pact is the powder which I am currently using, and very often hand-in-hand with my beloved ZA 2-Way Foundation.

But before I get started on anything, isn't the packaging SOOO PRETTY??? =P You've got to hand it to the Koreans (and Japanese for that matter) for knowing how to package their products.

Okay, with all the pretty-gushing out of the way, on to serious business.

(Many apologies for the very bad photo quality, but I really wanted to show you girls how pretty the powder is. I can't take another photo as this was taken months back, and the angel's definitely gone.)

It's a compact powder for oily skin, but so far, I haven't really noticed its prowess there. It usually lasts a fair few hours before I have to blot and touch up. No miracle work of holding up oil, as far as I've noticed.

Coverage wise, it goes on rather sheer and matte. Enough to just even out my complexion, but it does not in any way provide coverage for my skin. As I've mentioned before, I often use it with my ZA 2-way, so being rather sheer is actually good. It can go over my foundation and set it without any clashing of tones or end up looking cakey.

I got it in #23, which blends very well with my skin (NC25/30 in MAC and Beige in Bobbi Brown) and looks very natural. However, I don't know if everyone might be able to find a colour which suits their skin perfectly as shade selection is VERY LIMITED. It comes in a grand total of 3 shades. But due to it being so sheer, I suppose it might work even if it isn't a perfect match for your skin.

Also, it seems to cater for those fairer among us. The one I got, #23, is already the deeper and yellower shade of the three, so you can imagine that the other two would be even lighter. If I'm not mistaken, one even leans towards those with pink undertones.

The packaging, while very pretty, is just a tad bulky for a compact powder. This is because it houses the puff in a separate compartment below the powder pan. I don't really mind it, however, as I feel it keeps my powder puff clean, without having to sit on the powder all the time. And it comes with a huge mirror which is great for touch-ups on the go.

(It's just a tad bulky as the powder puff is placed in a separate compartment, but I don't really mind it.)

As for the powder puff itself, I am impressed. I actually really liked it, and it's held up very well despite months and months of use. (Okay, I know we're suppose to toss it after a month for hygiene's sake, but it still works!) It applies the powder very well, and it's soft to use.

Price wise, it costs RM45. Not as pricey as say MAC, but certainly pricier than some drugstore compact powders.

Overall, it's good. Not great, but it works for me so far. I haven't decided if I'll repurchase it as I've a few powders lined up in the drawer. =P I know, I'm crazy that way.

And oh, click here if you want to see a pic of me with the powder on.

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